importance of drawing in architecture and design

The enduring importance of drawing in architecture and design

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Some people think architects’ drawings of houses are a thing of the past in architecture and design. Because of technological developments, computer apps have completely replaced sketches. 3D rendering makes the work of architects and designers easier because it has CAD libraries to help with design. However, you may need ideas to create something new with a library of stamps.

Architects’ drawings can help with this problem. You can experiment with lines, figures, and textures. Moreover, it is more convenient to do a simple sketch of the project if you don’t have access to a computer.


Why Architects and Designers Should Keep Drawing

Effectively Transmitting Ideas

Drawing allows you to realize your ideas very fast. You don’t need to look for a computer. You need only paper and a pen or pencil. So, if you get ideas for the project and are afraid to forget them, you can realize them. Moreover, architect-scale drawings resonate more deeply than digital renderings, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the design intent.

Research the Composition

If you want to create a lively composition, it is a great idea to begin planning the project with a sketch. You can consider the space and the different arrangements of lines, shapes, and forms, gaining insights into spatial relationships and proportions. Drawing provides a tactile platform for architects and designers to explore and refine compositions in real time. Furthermore, it allows drawing architects or designers to develop a keen eye for balance, rhythm, and harmony, laying the foundation for compelling and cohesive designs.

Stimulation of Creativity

If you are tired of stamps, architectural building drawing allows you to discover your creativity. When you work with computer apps, you choose the same functions daily to lose the link with creativity. Perhaps architect drawing software has more features, but you don’t know about them because you concentrate on the lines and figures you know. Sketches let you expand your creativity. Recommended



In the digital era, you can be an architect who knows how to draw an architect’s drawings. You can deal with the creative side of the project and make sketches, and we will help you with a 3D rendering part of the work. Our team will help do 3D visualization for your project, so you shouldn’t worry about its accuracy. Don’t hesitate, and let’s create creativity together with 3d rendering studio

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