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The English Premier League is One of the Most Popular Football Leagues Globally. Here’s Why

One of the first leagues to pop up in mind when the name football comes up, is the English Premier League,. According to Wikipedia, the English Premier League or Premier League is the most-watched sports league globally. It boasts of an enormous audience of approximately 4.7 billion people. It is a big number to achieve, especially if the league in question is a domestic one. The tournament’s format makes things even more exciting. Here is a glance at the format:

Twenty top-tier teams compete against each other in the 1st division league. Apart from a single FIFA-mandated international break, the tournament does not feature any other breaks. Each team competing in the prestigious league plays 38 matches, where they face off against all others twice. The three teams which finish at the top of the points table earn the qualification pass for the UEFA Champions League, a highly-renowned tournament where all of the best European teams compete to claim the “Kings of Europe” title. The team which stands at the fourth position in the table gets to compete in the playoffs to earn a UCL spot.

Thanks to its massive popularity, the English Premier League is also one of the most sought-after tournaments in fantasy football. Ardent EPL fans from around the globe create their fantasy teams by picking players of their choice and implementing their knowledge to predict the outcomes of real-life games. To learn more about different aspects of the fantasy sport, such as the point system and rules, fantasy football enthusiasts can click https://www.mpl.live/fantasy-football.

Why is the EPL Considered to be one of the Most Popular Leagues?

Numerous reasons set the Premier League apart from all the other major leagues. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Top-Tier Players

Some of arguably the best players in the world play in EPL teams. One of the prime examples is Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7, as he is more commonly known. Considered the greatest of all time by his fans, he started his football career with Sporting CP, following which Manchester United signed him. Over the years, the magnificent player has charmed the audience uncountable times by showing insane skills and applaudable displays of professionalism. After playing for other teams in numerous big leagues, Ronaldo returned to his former team Manchester United in the summer of 2021. Similarly, Mohamed Salah, the star forward of Liverpool FC who marched his team to their first-ever Premier League title in 2019, is another star player that the Premier League features. Apart from these two players, there are hundreds of other skillful players that make the EPL a tournament worth following closely.

  • Lavish Stadiums

Another reason why the magnanimous tournament has fans worldwide is that the majority of the teams competing in the league have lavish, eye-catching stadiums that manage to captivate the minds of watchers and the hearts of visitors. Everyone who likes football loves watching anticipated clashes between their favorite teams in iconic stadiums which have been the arena for numerous world-famous clashes. Whether it is Old Trafford, Etihad, or Anfield, most of the lavish stadiums that are home grounds to prestigious teams have their own set of fans and followers.

  • Fierce Competition Between Teams

The English Premier League is one of the few tournaments where the competition is fierce between numerous top teams every year. The tournament keeps the fans at the edge of their seats up until the last few days of the season. Most of the teams competing for the trophy have top-notch compositions and strategies in place to take out their rivals and emerge victoriously. Talking about rivalries, EPL features some of the best team rivalries of English football. The “Manchester Derby,” or the clash between Manchester United and Manchester City, is watched by hundreds of millions of fans who eagerly await the historic clash. Similarly, the intense matches between Liverpool FC and Chelsea are another example of an entertaining rivalry in the EPL. Such is the competition in the EPL that six out of the top ten have a fair chance of clinching the title. This kind of competition is not witnessed in any other major league or tournament.

  • Distinctive and Unique Play Styles

Every team in the English Premier League has their distinctive play style, which makes every game an interesting affair for fans. For instance, Manchester City, under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, has a unique attacking play style that other teams find very hard to break down. Similarly, Manchester United also follows an attack-oriented game plan where the main emphasis is on scoring as many goals as possible. Arsenal players follow the tika-taka style (passing the ball around frequently) to break down their opponent’s defenses. EPL matches are full of entertainment, and there is hardly ever a dull moment in any match. The mixture of compelling play styles and implementation of smart strategic techniques make the EPL matches very interesting, which is one of the main reasons it receives immense love from football enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

The English Premier League reigns on as the undisputed champion when it comes to viewership and popularity. It is hailed as one of the toughest football leagues, which is justified since most teams feature exceptional players who give it their all in every match. Each match of the EPL enjoys an enormous attendance of approximately 40,000 people and millions of virtual viewers, which is reason enough to say the EPL is one of the most followed leagues globally.

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