The New Communication Platform in Singapore

The New Communication Platform in Singapore

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In Singapore, the demand for cloud communication platforms is forecasted to grow at a high rate. It is expected to increase at a 26.80 percent rate by the year 2027.

Facilitating communication between your customers and employees is essential for the success of any business. A communication platform based on the cloud, like MSG91, comes with fully-featured APIs for both enterprises and developers to engage and connect their customers worldwide.

Such a robust cloud customer support solution on the cloud platform facilitates your business team in Singapore to provide assistance to customers across numerous channels. It thus makes it very easy for teams and customers to connect and converse. Here are some features of such a platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

A dedicated OTP service platform allows the verification of the mobile number, two-factor login, transaction safeguarded by OTP, and voice backup call. The platform also offers backend logic required for PIN generation, so users don’t have to do it.

Apart from that, number validation for such a communication platform allows the identification of invalid numbers when they get entered, thus ensuring that the message goes to a valid number.

Other critical security functionalities include voice-based 2FA and the text-to-speech capacity to average 2FA process. It enables users to place calls and provide user authentication pins through voice audio.

Team Chat for Smooth Internal Communication

Your co-workers are able to get faster responses from chats. It is a suitable medium for internal communication and more effective than email trails. The platform allows you to chat through SMS or within the app.

Another great thing about such a platform is the functionality of the presence indicator in chats. It shows people if someone they want to chat with is available or not.

Capacity to Integrate with Different Applications in the Cloud Platform

The capacity to integrate with other apps in the cloud platform dramatically enhances productivity. Integration with CRMs like Salesforce and Office 365 simplifies workflows and makes them more efficient.

You can send a message from any CRM, app, or website to connect with customers globally. It thus enhances customer experiences. When your teams in Singapore have access to data on other platforms, they can help the customers much faster and with more efficiency.

24/7 Support

A cloud-based platform is intuitive and user-friendly. Therefore, many users do not consider the support that it offers very important to them. However, although the applications are quite powerful, you still should have a great support team. Thus, the 24/7 support functionality is quite helpful for many users.

Support should at no cost seem like a kind of burden to your cloud communication service provider. Many companies get an award for their commitment to providing dedicated support.

File Sharing and Backup

A secure and safe method for storing and sharing files is crucial functionality for the communication platforms based on the cloud. It facilitates access irrespective of the employee’s location. It also gives the ability to many employees to edit various documents in real-time.

Automatic backups ensure fast recovery in case of a ransomware attack. It is a critical feature for maintaining business continuity. You also control file access in a safer way. Moreover, it gives you the ability to consolidate the location where you store all your documents.

Cloud platforms have become very important in the current scenario, where businesses want to provide their employees with flexible work options. They are also cost-effective and have customer-centric solutions that impart an increase in productivity to every organization that adopts them.

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