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The solution to MacBook not working

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MacBooks are robust and ergonomic machines in the digital market that are way better than any average laptop. It is faster, sleeker, and more durable. In case your MacBook does not start up properly, often hangs or flickers up, or has excessive battery usage, then check out these three easy solutions before sending your iMac away to the electronics repair shop!

Excessive Battery Usage

Laptops in the market today have an original battery consisting of 5 to 6 hours’ life maximum until its requirement to recharge. The older models have a comparatively lesser lifespan and drain up easily upon two hours’ usage. If your MacBook keeps shutting down when you plug off the charging cable or doesn’t last even an hour, then go to settings and search for “Cycle Count” If the results are poor, then purchasing a new battery will be the only option. Choose credible websites online for MacBook repair hardware, such as Techy. Select an original and unused battery for your Mac because the used ones last 2 hours maximum.

Unpredictable Cursor/Mouse Problems

Wipe off the grease from your trackpad or the base of your connected mouse. Sometimes, the device takes it up as a command, and the cursor moves hauntingly! If you have a Bluetooth/ wireless connected mouse with your Mac, then disconnect and connect it again. For a chargeable mouse, recharge the batteries or switch to another input device if available.

Look for “Mouse” in the System Preferences from the Apple Menu if your mouse works sluggishly. Look for “Tracking Speed” to fix how fast or slow you want the cursor to move on the screen. In case of further problems, you can search for “More Gestures” options to allow or disallow erratic gestures like dragging. Both trackpad and mouse problems are solvable. In case of any hardware issue, the Apple Store has a 1-year warranty for all its products!

Spilled Beverage/Liquid

Try to plug off the charge by shutting the socket button or removing the plug itself. Turn off the Mac before it makes a spark. Turn it upside down for the liquid to spill out. Dry it out for 24 hours and submit the device for a complete MacBook repair from It can be lifesaving!

Mac starts up with a Question Mark Symbol.

If your iMac starts up with such a weird symbol, then either it is trying to locate the startup disk or having trouble situating its operating software, known as macOS. Physical damage can result in troubling the system software startup. The solution is to enter the macOS recovery system through this procedure.

  • Hold Command + R on the Intel-based Mac or hold on to the power button for Silicon Mac.
  • Choose “Disk Utility” after clicking continue from the “options” bar.
  • It will provide a First Aid option for a quick startup disk checkup and search for the error.
  • If the result comes clear of any errors, then it is necessary to reinstall macOS through its Recovery Mode.

If you’re still having trouble with your laptop, feel free to get in touch with to assist you with all internal and external damages to your MacBook and other Apple products.

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