The Ultimate Men’s Joggers at a Budget-Friendly Price!


We all have noticed a major transformation in men’s wardrobe that too on a fundamental level only. Tailored clothes have been relaxed, typical men’s dress code has been blurred, and a charm of sportswear is added to the closet, confusing the party bouncers to review their no trainers’ policies.

Considering athleisure as the priority, chinos and jeans have a tough competition from Joggers. Hence they are now “must-have” clothing options no longer sports inclined; these are the new wardrobe staple for comfortable clothing options.

Stylish, Effortless, and Versatile, these can easily be paired with multiple options, brushing up the charm of any outfit within seconds.


Are Joggers Different from Sweatpants?

Yes, Joggers are skinny sweatpants designed with elasticated and tapered ankle cuffs, curated to provide you with utmost comfort while keeping it stylish. 

Originally designed as sportswear, these are the traditional pants providing an athletic appearance to the wearer.

But, thanks to the boom in trends for sports and athleisure luxe today, Joggers have become the wardrobe essentials now.

Men need to have subtleness and precision when styling these skinny sweatpants, as these can totally elevate the boring and strict personality to cool and contemporary, when styled correctly.


How to Style Your Joggers For Men?

Starting with scratch, styling your joggers depends on the occasion and environment you’re pairing it for. 

  • If you want to go for a casual and cool look, style it with a body-fit t-shirt and white sneakers.
  • To the ones keeping it a little warm, ensemble it with hoodies and a funky watch, keeping it effortless and simple.
  • Pairing your dark-colored joggers with a white t-shirt will help you with the monotonous look, further accessorizing and layering it with patterned or zipped hoodies.
  • To get the indie-chic look for daily office wear, pair it with a shirt, style the look with rolled-up sleeves, and complete it with trainers or plimsolls. Try to opt for unique patterns in your shirt, distracting people from noticing your joggers while attracting them with the patterns


Can You Buy Good Quality Joggers at Such Affordable Prices?

Yes, joggers are available on various online platforms. 

 At Feranoid- the online menswear brand has come up with unique patterns and designs for cotton shirts that might help you slay the look.

Joggers have a high-priced myth associated with them, giving people a reason to instead switch to the cheaper available alternatives of chinos, trousers, or pants back again. But now you can buy joggers online at affordable prices without compromising on their design or quality factors.

Here is the list of the top five affordable looks for joggers under 999/- that is highly in trend. Always look forward to coming up with your unique style, setting up your trend, and keep on adding more options to the given list!


1. Black-white Lined Jogger by Feranoid

Side Stripes are a hit for now, and Feranoid has this most popular style for Black white Lined Jogger at the most affordable price. Made out of 100% cotton fabric, this trendy design surely will be a great addition to your wardrobe, helping you easily switch your sartorial habits.

2. Reebok Solid Men Black Track Pants

Black is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, allowing easy pairing options with multiple shades. Why not replace your not-so-comfortable black chinos or trousers with Reebok Solid Men Black Trackpants available on Flipkart.


3. DNMX Printed Joggers with Pockets- 

Moving on with typical blacks and blues, why not introduce a new color to your wardrobe. This olive green DNMX Printed Joggers with Pockets available on Ajio will help you purchase the easy-breezy perfect summery look. Pair it with both dark and light-colored shirts or t-shirts, styling this single piece for multiple occasions.


4. Men Grey Active Solid Joggers by HRX- 

Grey is the ideal color option for casual day-out events or beach parties. Men Grey Active Solid Joggers by HRX on Myntra comes with easy pairing and styling options. Pair it with a white t-shirt, layering it with an oversized shirt, and complementing the look with white sneakers to grab everyone’s attention.


5. Lawman PG3 Men’s Regular Track Pants

If you’re looking to ditch your trousers for track pants, then purchasing these Lawman PG3 Men’s Regular Track Pants at Amazon is an ideal solution to your search. Pair it with crisp sneakers and a white t-shirt to get the perfect casual look for daily office lookbook or casual day-out events      


Whether it’s about styling an option for beach walks or pairing it for a casual day out, the daily office looks, or for a meeting with friends, Joggers is the only answer to your search.

They are undoubtedly the most comfortable option for even simply hanging and relaxing out in the house, far more impressive and stylish than pajamas.

So Check out the list for the most affordable options in the category to get your hands on the best styles within the set budget.