Things To Do When You Are Visiting Sorrento

Things To Do When You Are Visiting Sorrento

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Sorrento is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy that you should visit in May or September to enjoy the hot weather that it offers while refraining from overly crowded places. This city offers a picturesque landscape, an affordable base to visit nearby, and slightly expensive cities.

When you are visiting Sorrento, book your room with The Continental Sorrento and enjoy the stay while visiting these top must-go places.

1. The Vallone Dei Mulini

The Valley of the Mills is one of the most Instagram-worthy photography sites in all of Sorrento. You can visit this place any time of the day and take a peek at how nature does wonder. The old Mill was abandoned in the 1940s and now you can see ferns take over the building in the most beautiful way possible.

These abandoned buildings now house plants and wildlife that are breathtaking and a must-visit place in Sorrento.

2. Take Cooking Classes

When you are in Italy and you do not learn Italian cuisine, then you have wasted your visit. Sign up for the cooking classes being offered in the city and learn the secrets of Italian cooking.

You can learn the most delicious and authentic pasta recipes, sauces, pizza recipes, and whatnot. Pizza is a staple of Italy and you can not just leave without learning the authentic recipe.

3. Visit Piazza Tasso

Piazza Tasso reflects the true city life of Sorrento. It is the beating heart of the city where you can experience the culture and traditions of this place by observing locals. The busiest roads here are full of Vespas and cars. You might also see a groom offering a horse ride. It is one of the greatest people-watching spots if you are here to learn about the culture.

You can enjoy yummy gelatos and authentic Italian food while enjoying your day roaming around.

4. Go To The Port Side

Marina Grande is Sorrento’s most beautiful port where you can take pictures to make your friends back home jealous of the amazing time you had here. Marina Grande is Sorrento’s fishing village where you can experience the live action of catching, cleaning, and cooking the fish in a variety of ways. It can be helpful for you to visit this website if you want to learn about renting a car.

You can enjoy the delicious seafood here at Marina Grande. You can get an out-of-body experience with seafood.

5. Visit Nearby Places

Sorrento can be a great base camp to visit the nearby cities, such as Naples, Capri, and Pompeii. These cities are great tourist attractions, therefore, they can be expensive. You do not have to book rooms in different hotels to visit all these places. While staying in Sorrento, you can take day trips to these places.

You can go to Naples via train and enjoy the picturesque landscape. Pompeii is a great historic place that requires an expert guide to make it easier for you to understand the place. You can hire a guide from your Sorrento hotel easily. You can also visit Capri island by booking a private boat from the Sorrento.

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