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5 Tips for Minimalist Design in Your Home

Minimalism is a popular design trend among homeowners this year, creating a clutter-free space with clean lines and a nice, open feeling. But how can you create that minimalistic feeling in your own home? Keep reading to get five helpful tips.

Restrain Your Color Palette

Minimalist design involves minimal colors. Light colors like white, understated grays, and barely-noticeable shades of beige are key for a minimalist interior design. You could add a few bright colors here and there for an accent, but stick to just 1 or 2 and limit how often you use them throughout the space.

For example, a neutral-toned piece of artwork with one pop of bright yellow could work well in your room. Add a throw pillow in that same yellow shade, and perhaps a decorative vase of the same color on a shelf, and you’ve added enough color to the room to create visual interest without overwhelming or distracting the viewer.

Embrace Empty Spaces

Some people have a tendency to think they have to hang up décor on every open wall space in their home, but empty spaces are essential to minimalist décor.

You can achieve visual balance by having a single focal point for your décor, and allowing the negative space around it to draw the eye to that point with creating distractions.

Declutter Your Displays

Decluttering your surfaces goes hand in hand with embracing those empty design spaces. While you might be tempted to display all of your favorite knick-knacks and treasures, it’s better to stick with a few essential items in each room.

This applies to your wall-mounted shelves, bookshelves, coffee and end tables, and even your kitchen counters. Edit down what you have set out, and embrace the open spaces left behind.

Let the Light In

Minimalist spaces are bright and airy, so natural lighting is a must to achieve that aesthetic. Don’t drape your windows with thick, heavy curtains or multiple layers of window adornments. Instead, leave them bare or, if privacy is an issue, use very sheer curtains that still let in plenty of light when closed.

Focus on Clean, Straight Lines

When buying furniture and decorative elements for your room, focus on finding items that have clean, defined lines with minimal adornments. This applies to everything from your sofa to your light switch covers.

Furniture should be relatively simple and minimize the amount of visual space they occupy, while the little details in your room should try to avoid distracting from the overall aesthetic. Making simple upgrades like switching to screwless wall plates can really make all the difference in achieving that minimalist style in your home.

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