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Dallas is one of the biggest cities in Texas and home to many companies. Many People living in Richardson always want to move to this city because of several reasons. Many are swayed by the job opportunities in the city, some like the good security it offers, while some just want a change of environment. 

However, before thinking of moving from Richardson to Dallas, you must weigh the merits and demerits of such a movement and how you and your family can cope in the new environment.

The post will help you understand some important information about moving from Richardson to Dallas.

Basic facts about Dallas TX

Here are some important things you need to know when moving from Richardson :

The size

Dallas is a very big city in the USA, while New York, Florida and Chicago may have more population, Dallas has a greater land mass in the country. This is a great city to build your career irrespective of your educational qualities. The big size of Dallas makes it a haven of some sort to many firms.


Dallas has a warm and hot weather climate. People who love humid and tropical climates will find it easy to adapt. The average weather conditions around the summer months range from 82-88 degrees Fahrenheit. Which makes it great to have swimming pools or a good air conditioning system around you.

Gay-friendly city

Any LGBTQ individual who wants a city where his rights will be respected and everyone is equal should choose Dallas. While moving from Richardson to Dallas, you shouldn’t be bordered by gay laws or any acts of discrimination if you are bisexual or gay.

Things to arrange before moving from Richardson to Dallas

Here are some things you should research and arrange when planning your move :

Get a reliable moving firm

The first thing you should do is check for a reliable moving firm in the city. One of the best moving firms in Dallas are movers in richardson because of their good rates.. This is a firm which is affordable, trustworthy and offers various offers for its customers.

Change your post mail

You should try to change your mail from the post office before moving to Dallas . This is meant to help you avoid losing letters from close ones. You can contact USPS on their website to make necessary changes.

Get your accommodation ready

It is expected that you would have gotten temporary accommodation before moving from Richardson to Dallas. It won’t be a wise decision to move to a hotel with your load and start searching for a house thereafter. There are many Cash buyers and realtors you can contact online who can provide homes for you.

The top growing neighborhoods in Dallas

When going to Dallas, you should check out these fastest-growing neighborhoods:

Lake Highlands

This is a beautiful place around Dallas which is close to white rock lake. It is around the northeast of Dallas where residents enjoy both suburban life and urban life. This area has a modest population of around 17,120 and is a family-friendly site.

Oak lawn

This is another quiet neighborhood north of Dallas. It has a much bigger population than Lake Highlands with about 34,027 citizens. It can be found between the Dallas tollway and central expressway. There are many clubs, bars and restaurants where members of the LGBT community come together. There are many schools, offices and markets around this Dallas area.


This location faces Downtown Dallas and has a population of about 18,161. It has many youth populations and you can find many 17-40 year olds around the city. It is a dense area with lots of international offices and supermarkets. Residents can enjoy lots of outdoor activities all year round.

North Oak cliff

This Dallas suburb has a vibrant district with many historic houses. With an average population of 16,059, it is a quiet place for those who don’t want a noisy area. It provides great diversity and a huge sense of community for a newly married couple who wants to settle down. It is home to the iconic Texas theater where there are many programs for everyone. 

Old East Dallas 

Old East Dallas has a huge population of about 50,268, a height anchored around traditional homes. Some of the best restaurants and bars in Dallas TX are around the area. It has very diverse residents from all walks of life, and there are many attractions you can enjoy in the area. This is an area where you can meet people easily for romance and friendship. 


Migration has become a normal activity among residents in the USA. People move from Richardson to Dallas because of a better life, good transportation system and cheap housing. Using movers richardson as your ideal service will save you time and money. Also, moving to Dallas has shown to be the best decision for those who want somewhere to spend the rest of their life.

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