Top 5 treatments to sustain your erection in the future

Top 5 treatments to sustain your erection in the future

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ED treatments can help you get better and have a hard erection in your life. As we progress further in the field of medical science it seems that the ways of having a hard erection back are getting new and more advanced.

We are witnessing new treatment methods getting sanctioned that have been able to curb ED and provide a full-on cure to the patient.

It is indeed true that some of the given treatment methods may be new but they also have other further advancements scope in the future.

With the help of the existing research that is going on in making the treatment more affordable and efficient with low chances of contraindications and side effects or post-surgical complications, we are witnessing a complete cure from ED shortly.

In this article, we are going to give you an idea about the top 5 treatments that will take place for ED shortly.

Let’s begin…

A new form of self-dissolving pills for Levitra, and Cialis

Shortly, we are going to witness new forms of more efficient and advanced medicines take up their place. As for now, we have been able to find out medicines that are taken orally by way of swallowing them.

Right now if you look at the Cenforce 100 pills for curing ED you will find that most of the types of pills are of the orally swallowing category. And this means that the right form of taking them would be by way of swallowing the pills using water.

But already some pharmaceutical companies have come up with medicines that are far more efficient. The reason we say that they are advanced is due to two prime benefits that seem to come out of using them.

One of them is that its mode of intake is far easier. Here we are referring to the self-dissolving pills. You may find a few selective brands of Tadalafil Vidalista 20 such medicines already such as FIldena 100, Aurogra 100mg, and so on. all you got to do is keep them in your mouth and the medicine will dissolve away.

The second big advantage of such pills is their faster mode of action. Researchers have come out with these self-disintegrating pills were just keeping them in your mouth will give you hard erections in a little around 20 minutes.

Such pills are still not recommended by the FDA but we are sure that with more and more clinical trials and with further experiments increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the pills it is bound to get FDA approval in the future.

Use of penile injections

We have already come up with some types of directly injectable fluids into the penis that will help you to get an erection within minutes. Such types of injections are known as penile injections.

Such injections as the research shows have got a good efficacy rate of work as well. Doctors say that the medicine has been able to bring about more than 80 percent positive results.

Scientists are still working to increase the efficacy of such penile injections to increase by more than 95 percent. Alprostadil is one of the common brands of penile injections that are already on the market. the problem is that you may have to visit the doctors for administering your daily dose.

But researchers are still doing a lot of work regarding the ease of use of the medicine such that in the future people will be able to inject the medicine on their own by following simple guidelines.

Use of vacuum pumps

Such types of vacuum pump therapies for curing ED are available in some countries. Of course, it is administered to the patients by the doctors only.

It contains a cylinder which you need to place over your penis and then use the pump to pull out the air. What this does is creates negative pressure on the inside of the penis tissues and thus the arteries surrounding it will become filled with blood.

It is a highly complicated form of cure but the models that we have come up with so far have yielded more than 75 percent results. Of course, scientists are working to make the vacuum pump therapy for ED cure increase in its efficiency.

Remember that this type of treatment is currently available but it is not approved for use in all the countries. It is only administered by doctors with expertise in undertaking such surgeries.

Doctors say that in the future the use of vacuum pumps will become far easier such that patients will be able to use the device at their home only using a few simple guidelines.

It is bound to cause almost an instant erection with very little waiting time. the current devices that are being used come with some side effects on the patient such as numbness, low ejaculation, bruising of the penis, and so on. doctors are even working on this to lessen the chances of side effects.

Use of surgical implants

This type of advanced therapy for full ED cure is currently available. It is a complete surgery and currently, it is being done in some of the select advanced hospitals in the US and the UK.

Here the basic procedure which will be carried out by experienced doctors is to insert inflatable tubes inside the penis. When these tubes are filled which is done manually the penis will grow hard and let you have an erection.

Right now the process is extremely expensive but doctors are working on the technology to make it more affordable for general patients. Sometimes side effects such as severe rashes or priapism may occur and researchers are working to minimize such changes.

Use of herbal supplements

There are already many brands of herbal ED curing supplements available in pill and powdery form. some of the ingredients that are used in its making include Chinese red ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, horny goat weed, etc.

We believe that as the future progresses some of these products will be FDA approved for use based on their proven high efficacy.

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