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Types of Dehumidifiers for Basements & Crawl Spaces

If you are searching for a dehumidifier, you could choose a portable dehumidifier that will consistently absorb moisture, and the product can substantially reduce the level of humidity within your basement. The dehumidifier may improve the quality of the air, prevent mold and reduce dust. Moreover, you could purchase a product that features a heat exchanger, a compressor, an evaporator, and an efficient fan.

Choosing a Portable Dehumidifier

Multiple companies have manufactured portable products that feature durable components. Each dehumidifier contains a condenser, a compressor, and a water tank. The products may utilize refrigerants that can significantly improve the efficiency of the dehumidifiers. The refrigerant could remove moisture from the air, and the liquid may also reduce the temperature of the air.

Selecting an Industrial Dehumidifier

Many homeowners have purchased industrial dehumidifiers that feature efficient compressors. When a company designs a dehumidifier, the business could install a compressor to decrease the coils’ temperature. Typically, these coils can process the air within the dehumidifier. According to several reports, a durable compressor may improve the efficiency of a dehumidifier, reduce energy costs and remove extra moisture.

Examining a Dehumidifier That Features a Heat Pump

Some dehumidifiers contain heat pumps that can quickly process the hot air, and each dehumidifier will also feature a heat exchanger that could consistently cool the air. These products can quickly remove the moisture from the basement. Typically, the efficient components may also reduce energy costs, improve the performance of the dehumidifiers and decrease the costs of routine maintenance.

Purchasing a Product That Utilizes Silica Gel

During the last 20 years, several businesses have created dehumidifiers that require silica gel. This substance can naturally absorb extra moisture, and the portable dehumidifiers do not require electricity. Many customers prefer these dehumidifiers because the products are inexpensive. Yet, once the silica gel absorbs a large amount of moisture, the customer should replace the dehumidifier.

Choosing a Dehumidifier That Has a Durable Fan

Many homeowners have installed dehumidifiers with efficient fans. The products can quickly remove the humid air from the basement. Once a resident installs the dehumidifier, the product will not require a heat exchanger. Yet, according to many experts, these products are more efficient than traditional dehumidifiers.

Increasing the Quality of the Air

The dehumidifier can substantially reduce the levels of airborne pollutants within the basement. Sometimes, the airborne toxins could exacerbate chronic inflammation, cause multiple symptoms and affect the respiratory system. After a homeowner purchase a dehumidifier, the product may improve the homeowner’s health, eliminate numerous types of allergens, and reduce airborne moisture.

Preventing Mold and Reducing Mildew

If a basement contains a high level of humidity, mold could gradually form within the basement, and the fungi may release spores that can affect the quality of the air. According to multiple reports, an efficient dehumidifier could significantly reduce the risk of mold. Additionally, the product can considerably decrease the levels of spores within the air.

Evaluating Many Types of Dehumidifiers

Before purchasing a dehumidifier, you should contact a well-known business that sells cutting-edge dehumidifiers like 58 Foundations. Once you choose a product, you may install a crawlspace dehumidifier that can remove moisture, improve the air quality, prevent mold and reduce dust.

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