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Ways To Boost Google Adsense Earnings On YouTube

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Are you planning to build a site to generate money with Google AdSense, or are you wondering how to enhance your Google AdSense earnings? If so, here is some advice on getting your site in the greatest form to make the most of AdSense and optimize your revenue, and how to promote YouTube video.

Create unique, valuable content

A unique, valuable niche site is the beginning of excellent AdSense income. Don’t be fooled by fancy graphics if they are not cohesive with your content. Either make them work to enhance the main body. A site that is well-designed and content-rich will attract more visitors.

As your site grows, you’ll be able to explore various monetization methods, but your audience will not stick around without quality content.

Edit, edit, edit

Before publishing your website, ensure it can be error-free. Your AdSense ads should pop up correctly every time someone visits your page. Double check the spelling of all keywords about your main idea. Ensure you have used the most suitable keywords in your body text.

If you are worried about missing out on the traffic of visitors that your site may get through its ranking on search engines, make sure you use the proper title tag and meta description. These components are what shows up most frequently in search results.

Create link-driven sites 

Build sites around blogs and content distribution organizations to amplify your database of one-way links. Build material hubs with excellent and quick-moving content, like videos and pictures.

Create many one-way links to these hubs from other sites in your niche. It is also good to have several incoming links from high-profile sites in the same niche as yours and others outside your niche but related to it.

Increase YouTube Video Views

Spread the word and get more subscribers, viewers, and comments. First, you must know that YouTube promotion is based on clicks and views. The more YouTube views, the more YouTube followers and income from ads. The trick is to convert these views into long-time viewers, subscribers, and repeated visitors.

The following are proven ways to increase Youtube views fast:

Use keywords in the title of your videos

The title of your video is what searchers see first on Google or any other search engine. Make sure to include targeted keywords in your video titles.

Use Custom Thumbnail:

Write a catchy title and then upload a custom thumbnail to be sure that your video will be noticed.

Use ‘Related Videos’

The related videos are the next set of videos under the current one, so it is best to use this feature.

Use the ‘Subscribe’ button

This feature allows visitors to subscribe to your channel and get updated when you upload new and exciting videos. It also lets subscribers rate videos.

Add links in your description and comments

Add relevant keywords and phrases at the end of each video description, in the comments section, or whatever you choose.

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Make your site sticky

Once you have made some site changes and created some great content, make sure the pages of your site load fast. This will make it easy for visitors to scroll down the page in addition to taking a glance at your ads.


In conclusion, AdSense is a great way to earn money once you start using it. Just be sure that you make the most of it and that you do not need to be too rigid with your choices.

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