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7 Ways to Use Technology to Relax and Recoup

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Normally, technology is to blame for keeping us wide awake at night. Those binge-watching Netflix nights, scrolling endlessly through Twitter, late-night gaming sessions can cause eye strain, mess up with your sleep, and add to your stress.

Isn’t the stress of the daily grind enough that you are torturing yourself through technology as well? Aren’t you always playing catch up with the endless things on your list to worry about?

Hold up, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. You can use technology to do the opposite i.e., unwind instead of piling yourself up with more stress. Let’s show you how to use technology in a positive way and unwind.

1: Make Use of Audio Therapy

Audio therapy is an effective technique to reduce stress. The soothing sounds and spoken words when heard repetitively can boost self-confidence, reduce depression and anxiety, and even relieve you of your emotional fatigue. Just a few days, I panicked when my Cox cable box started acting up. I recollected myself, found a video on the “ Cox bill pay and Cox cable box not working” issue, and played soothing music in the background to calm my nerves down. It worked like a charm. I was able to fix the error too.

The varying frequencies of tuned sound waves resonate within the brain and play a significant role in enhancing your performance in ways you can’t even imagine. Download an app that speaks positive affirmations or just plays various soothing sounds. Tune into these apps any time of the day to de-stress yourself.

 2: Use Wearable Tech to Perform Breathing Exercises

If you have an Apple watch or even Fitbit, you’re in because both these wearables have a breathing exercise feature that lets you relieve stress. Most wearable tech now comes with a feature that can track when you are stressed by learning to anticipate your negative emotions. When tech alerts you that your stress levels have alleviated, you can immediately practice breathing exercises for calming yourself down.

Don’t own a wearable? No worries simply search for an app that helps you with breathing exercises. you will find a ton!

 3: Create a Smart Home

Smart homes are great! They cross many chores off your to-do list. If you’re using Amazon Alexa, you can actually create a chore chart and keep a track of the tasks that need to be done around the house. You will be so relieved to be living in a smart home where you just have to use an app to control

mundane tasks like turning off the lights, finding your phone, adjusting the thermostat, checking who’s at the door and so much more!

 4: Make Sure Your Data Is Secure

Stress and anxiety can pile up knowing that your account has been comprised or someone tried to steal your credentials. But, it’s possible to take care of that.

While data security may not be one of your top concerns, taking steps to protect the safety of your personal information can keep you from pulling your hair at the time of a breach. To avoid being hacked, keep your antivirus software up to date, and change your passwords to all of your online accounts at least once a year. Watch what you share on social media. Take precautions to keep yourself and your family’s info safe to reduce stress.

 5: Meditate with an App

Although you can meditate without using technology, for those who are new to this, it’s best to do meditate with an experienced person.

No need to hire anyone, just download an app and start guided meditation. Calm is a great app for meditation. It uses a variety of tools and different modalities to help you break free from stress, anxious thoughts and stay focused throughout the day.

 6: FaceTime a Loved one

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, talking to a loved one can be the greatest therapy of all time. Haven’t talked to your mom for a while? Has your best friend settled aboard and you haven’t met her in a long time? Technology has removed all barriers to communication, remember? So simply FaceTime them, have a face-to-face virtual conversation, ask how life is and how are they doing. Maybe even share the thoughts that are bothering you? This will instantly make you feel lighter and say why didn’t I think of this before!

 7: Calm Your Nerves with A Game

No this doesn’t have to be an intense gaming session. All you have to do is download a stress-releasing, easy to play a game that distracts you and liberates you of the worries of life. Here are some names: Journey, Animal Crossing, Tenacity, Disney Fantasia. You can always download something else that matches your taste better and that helps you unwind because everyone has a different comfort food.

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