What You Need to Know About Liquid EHR!

What You Need to Know About Liquid EHR!

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About Liquid EHR 

Liquid EHR is an optometry practice management and electronic health records (EMR) solution that incorporates a client communication system, appointment planner, e-Prescribing, and digital insurance filing, among other features. The scheduler allows users to view patient information, check appointment availability, book and reschedule appointments, and look at waitlists. 

Users can see and edit patient information, such as prior billings, client histories, diagnoses, and reminders, as well as set up recalls, attach family members to the primary insurer, and more. On this platform, users can add test results, issue patient reminders, and view clinical summaries. It combines best practices in electronic medical records and practice management. 

Users of Liquid EHR software can also access audit logs, limits, and encryption tools. For optometrist offices, this solution streamlines everyday clinical operations and improves patient care. It was designed to address the worries of doctors while diagnosing eye issues. Because it removes the need for eye care organizations to purchase their own servers, Liquid EHR is a cost-effective solution. It provides a secure location for users to save and access patient data, as well as other program features. Users can access their data from anywhere via the cloud. 

Liquid EHR Features


In any sector, having an EHR with a simple customer interface is essential. With complicated procedures such as electronic prescriptions, laboratory integration, and medical billing, an intuitive and verbal interchange gateway arises. If you work in the optometry field, Liquid EHR will offer the greatest interface to help with productivity and healthcare doctor-patient communication. 

EHRs are comprehensive in that they must collect, proportionate, and alter data ranging from medical examination notes to prescription dose. A liquid EHR interface will ensure that meaningful use requirements are met, allowing for better patient care, user actions, performance, and communication between patients and staff. The UI/UX style of a basic EHR can benefit not only SMEs, but any healthcare company in more ways than one. 


A key component of medical software. Through its interface, Liquid EHR gives a straightforward and simple scheduler to help clients with inquiries and eBook sessions, access client statistics, check availability, and examine waitlists. Patients’ appointments, previous billings, client histories, diagnoses, hyperlink rings of relative providers to the number one insurer, and much more may all be viewed and altered without difficulty. 

Patients can even receive appointment reminders through email or cellphone to reduce no-shows, cancel appointments, or reschedule for a later date. The team can use the color-coding option to switch or schedule appointments, or simply use the drag-and-drop feature. 

The patient scheduler simplifies and simplifies the entire appointment management process, saving time, reducing down charges, and reducing guide exertions. No necessity to erase appointments with slot customization; instead, recreate them in the ideal slot using date, time, health practitioner, and so on, within the existing appointment slot. With Liquid EHR, you can digitize appointment methods that may also be used on mobile devices.  


In 2021, telehealth became critical in regulating health care as we dealt dwith a global epidemic that had hindered people’s possibility to visit a clinic. Virtual telehealth appointments provided by Liquid EMR can help you and your clients stay safe by enabling them to maintain their eye health without needing to leave the house. In addition, the telemedicine feature allows you to consult with patients from almost anywhere. Patients can have consultations in the privacy of their own homes, which helps to reduce disease spread.  

Electronic Prescriptions

According to Liquid EMR reviews, the e-prescription option is another popular feature. This feature is useful since it allows you to send prescriptions electronically to your patient’s preferred pharmacy. Patients can also have them delivered at their leisure. You can swiftly prescribe medications to your patients using the EHR’s e-prescription function. According to sources, this tool also warns users about potentially dangerous medicine combinations. In the Liquid EHR demo, this functionality is illustrated in great detail. 

Patient Portal

Any medical practice would be incomplete without a patient portal. It saves you time and money by enabling clients to schedule appointments, obtain test results, and pay bills independently. As a result, making information readily available to patients is crucial for eye care practice. You may contact patients and assist them in scheduling appointments, checking their visit reports, and even settling their bills from the convenience of their own home by using the Liquid EHR client portal. During the EHR demo, you can look at the numerous features of the patient portal. 

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Liquid EHR Advantages: 

The Liquid EMR Program was created with small & mid optometry practices in mind. It was created by optometrists to provide the fundamental features that practices need while remaining user-friendly. Liquid EHR Software offers medical files management, planning tools, and invoicing services. You may also add lab test results, examine clinical summaries, and send patient reminders with ease. 

Security – As an optometrist, image findings are a key aspect of your profession, thus the EHR you use should assist you in the diagnosis and treatment procedure. The HIPAA-compliant platform of Liquid EMR allows you to preserve a patient database, as well as save photos. Aside from that, you can organize the photographs by making notes with your observations on them, ensuring that all of the image’s data is protected. 


Customer Support – The official site of Liquid EMR offers email support from the manufacturer. The fact that Liquid EMR provides excellent technical support is reflected in its reviews. Customer support representatives are patient, knowledgeable, and courteous. They can even assist on Saturdays in the event of an emergency. The support team, on the other hand, works closely with you to ensure that your systems are restored quickly and with minimal downtime. Above all, they respond quickly to update requests and take consumer feedback seriously. New employee training, in contrast to other systems, takes only a few hours rather than weeks. 

Final Words! 

If you are thinking of investing in Liquid EHR, make sure you schedule a Liquid EHR demo beforehand. The demo will help you understand Liquid EHR features better. You can also check out Liquid EHR pricing plans during the demo. You can also check out its competitors and compare their features with Liquid EHR. For example, you can compare Meditouch EHR features with Liquid EHR features to see which one you like more. Also, before making your decision, make sure you go through Liquid EHR reviews to get an idea of what the current customers think of the software! 

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