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50 Startups that are Hiring Full-Stack Developers

The first concern of most businesses is to ensure that their product is optimally functional and user-friendly. It is only possible when the project is handled by an expert, a Full-Stack developer, who is one such expert capable of handling both the areas of product development for its successful completion. A full-stack developer has the knowledge and expertise in handling databases, servers, and customers. These experts are the individuals who can look after the front end as well as the back end of the concerning business projects.

Let us understand the underlying concept in detail

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a professional who has extensive knowledge of designing and developing web apps by using different stack technologies. They can create a design, think of programming code, and can present the end product. The tasks performed by the front-end developer and back-end developer differ from each other but a full stack developer can handle both at the same time without any hitch.

Different types of stacks are available and the selection of the stack depends on an individual project handled by the developer. The most common stacks that are used by full-stack developers include the LAMP stack, Mean Stack, and Ruby on Rails. There are many other stacks that full-stack developers know. They are the most easily hired individuals in the industry. If you want to get a full stack developer certification you will need to learn different programs and computer languages such as Node.js, HTML, Angular JS, PHP, Gulp, JavaScript, etc.

Benefits of Being a Certified Full-Stack Developer

There are several benefits of becoming a certified full-stack developer. Knowing both the front end and back end will help you to learn more. A full-stack developer can easily handle the front end and back end of a website by using different tools. Some of the important benefits of getting a full stack developer certification include the following:

Increased Demand in the Industry

There is a high demand for full-stack developers in the industry. A full-stack developer can work with the logic, and presentation of the website and database. Most companies hire multi-talented people for their businesses to save money. A full-stack developer can handle different kinds of jobs at one time.

High Salary Package

Another benefit of becoming a full-stack developer is that you can get a high salary package. With more and more experience in this field, you can even earn more. A full-stack developer can get a high salary because he/she can perform different tasks and the company does not have to hire individuals separately for handling different web development processes. A full-stack developer can work with different technologies and in different frameworks which makes them suitable for receiving a high salary package. Different companies can employ full-stack developers to advance their businesses. They can get a job in the IT sector, banking, finance institutes, and other industries.

Flexibility of Work

A full-stack developer can work easily and flexibly because he can look after both the database and the customer satisfaction related to an app. They can have better control over the web development process. So, there is more flexibility in the work for a full-stack developer.

High Productivity

The productivity of a full-stack developer is higher compared to the individuals who either know front-end or back-end technologies. It is because a full-stack developer will know more technologies. They will be familiar with using both front-end and back-end tools at the same time. It gives more importance to their work as they can make quick decisions. Quick decision-making over a project also helps in saving time.

Requirement of Full Stack Developers

Many startups are looking for full-stack developers because they start from the MVP stage. It is the stage when you have to implement the ideas and get feedback from customers. This stage helps businesses to make the product as per the customer demands before its final launching in the market. A full-stack developer can use agile methodology proficiently. He/she can work hard to get the best product quality. They are better technical professionals as they have a deep understanding of the projects. They can help a company to achieve greater heights in the market by developing the desired product and presenting it well in the market.

Now, we will discuss the top companies that are hiring full-stack developers. The list will help full-stack developers find their dream job.

  1. TCS of Tata consultancy services
  2. IBM
  3. Cognizant Technology solutions
  4. Accenture
  5. Capgemini
  6. Infosys
  7. Wipro
  8. Mindtree
  9. Virtusa
  10. Societe Generale
  11. Verizon
  12. LTI
  13. Deloitte
  14. Freelancer
  15. Wells Fargo
  16. First Student
  17. Tek Systems
  18. Fidelity Investments
  19. BNY Mellon
  20. Hexaware Technologies
  21. Nagarro
  22. Amazon
  23. HCL
  24. Boeing
  25. Google
  26. Synechron
  27. Persistent Systems
  28. Tech Mahindra
  29. DXC Technologies
  30. Mphasis
  31. NONES
  32. TIAA
  33. CGI
  34. Oracle
  35. SAP
  36. ES
  37. Credit Suisse
  38. Whatfix
  39. Siemens
  40. Genpact
  41. ZOHO
  42. Cisco Systems
  43. ADP
  44. Microsoft
  45. HighRadius
  46. Altimetrik
  47. Barclays
  48. Zensar Technologies
  49. Schlumberger
  50. J.P. Morgan

There are many opportunities available in the market for full-stack developers as they can be hired easily by the top companies. Their skill and expertise can help them become one of the most important aspects of a company. It is because they can constructively look after the major projects that are in the workflow and can handle them efficiently. A full-stack developer can help a company to save time and money by handling multiple projects at the same time.


The demand for a full stack developer is increasing day by day in the industry as new technology is coming up. If you want to improve your career growth you have to stay ahead of your competitors, and you have to remain updated with new stuff coming up in the market. You can join a full stack developer course with a renowned company.

Getting a full stack developer certification will improve your job prospects in the market. Thus, to earn a high salary and get practical experience in the field you must join a suitable Full-Stack developer course to become proficient.

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