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Advantages of Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors offer superior insulation, security, and durability. They are also lightweight and stylish, making them a versatile choice for exterior and interior applications. At Kamco, we carry a wide selection of hollow metal doors from leading manufacturers, making them a great choice for any project. Request a sample from our sales team to see if one of these doors will fit your project’s needs. Read on to learn more about hollow metal doors.

Hollow metal doors also have decorative panels that mimic real wood. Choosing a hollow metal door with decorative panels will give your home a more classic or style-specific look. Real-wood veneers are also available for solid-core wood doors. These options are typically the best choice for homes that desire an upscale look. A wooden veneer will be more likely to damage over time than steel. Ultimately, the look of your door will be determined by the elevation and style it has.

Commercial-grade hollow metal doors are a great choice if you need a door that can take a beating. Depending on the application, a hollow metal door may have three or five hinge mounting points, and you can find them in a variety of finishes ranging from wood veneer to stainless steel. Fire-rated hollow metal doors also have a limited number of glass options, though these will be governed by fire-resistance ratings.

Although the hollow metal door has a number of advantages, it still lacks the style and flexibility of other types of doors. A hollow metal door is typically composed of a steel frame and panels laminated on both sides. The inner portion of the door includes cutouts for hinge mounts and a mortise lock pocket. The door’s manufacturer will install the lock of your choice, such as a mortise-type lock or an electrified panic hardware system with concealed rods.

Hollow metal doors can be a great choice if you want to reduce energy bills while maintaining the durability of your doors. You can shop metal door from Door Closers USA now. These doors are constructed from heavy-duty steel and can deflect more damage than wood doors. The interiors of hollow metal doors are insulated and can save you money on energy bills as compared to wood or composite doors. You can choose from an array of styles and colors to make your doors match your decor and save you thousands of dollars.

Many hollow metal doors are also equipped with electrified mortise locks or panic hardware. The electrified hardware is controlled by an electronic system built into the hinge. This method of locking can make it possible to run invisible wiring to the mortise lock. Another option for electrified hardware is a cored door, which allows the lock power to be controlled from the hinge. This way, no one else will know the wires to the lock, which makes it an attractive option for many different applications.

Reeb Hollow Metal Doors are manufactured with an 18-gauge galvanized steel core and a flush door. The doors are factory-machined to SteelCraft specifications and can be prepped using a SteelCraft RIM reinforced option. Several options are available to maintain the fire rating, including lites and louvers. For even greater safety and convenience, there are several different layouts available, including a bifold or folding design.

Regardless of the style and design, you can find the right type of hollow metal door for your needs. Steel doors have a number of advantages over wood and aluminum doors. In terms of security, vandalism resistance, and sanitation, steel doors provide superior protection. Wood, fiberglass, and aluminum doors are not as durable as hollow metal doors, but they can last for decades. And they do require fewer repairs than metal doors. So, if you’re looking for a new door for your building, look no further than Steelcraft’s wide selection of Hollow Metal Doors.

Hardening a hollow metal door requires the addition of a steel plate or heavy-gauge sheet metal. The thinnest steel sheet recommended for cladding is 12-gauge, and must be fastened with carriage bolts. You can apply nuts or tack-weld them to the bolts. You can also apply a steel guard on the outside face of the door frame. This way, you can avoid damage caused by sharp objects.

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