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All-In-One Ultimate Guide About Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated is one of Canada’s most innovative consultancies, providing services that specifically target the Canadian Northern Strategy. This company offers on-site consulting with offices throughout North America and around 90 countries worldwide!

The Canadian Armed Forces are often consulted by NORSTRAT Consulting on complicated matters of national security policy. Civilian agencies, including law enforcement and immigration officials among others, also receive training from this company in accordance with the Northern Strategy – one that’s designed to keep Canada safe at any cost!

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was established in 2010 by a group of retired Canadian Armed Forces officers and bureaucrats to provide advice and support for the implementation of elements within Canada’s Northern Strategy. Since increased ANO activity has become an issue, they have provided essential infrastructure that aids public health officials responding at home or abroad with this pandemic-plague threat!

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What is Norstrat?

When Canadian pioneers dreamed of a united Canada, they entrusted the construction of this bold and challenging federal infrastructure project to those who would be its first beneficiaries.

The time has come to join our country from South to North. The new Northern Strategy will be the pinnacle of Canadian engineering and ingenuity, leading us into an era where we can do more for ourselves than ever before!

Everything You Need to Know About Norstrat

The Norstrat Group has been formed to protect North America from those who would do us harm.

We will provide a combined military-industrial base capable of defending our great nation, while also investing in key industries that support its economy and national security needs long term.”

Our second project, NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated will bring the expertise and resources of retired military and law enforcement officers to those private enterprises that benefit from increased security.

Get in touch with Norstrat today. Together, we can complete this challenging but achievable challenge.

We are stronger together.

Norstrat provides the following services:

  1. Identity of the corporation
  2. providing marketing assistance
  3. for NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated Security Services
  4. Partnership Public Relations
  5. Student Interns from the finest military and police academies in Canada
  6. Incorporated in all Norstrat marketing materials (business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc.).
  7. Official NORSTRAT Company Shirts and Polos.
  8. Direct access to the Security Teams at NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated
  9. Become the point of contact for your business or organization within the Northern Strategy Community

Offers special training to partners:

NORSTRAT ensures compliance with its standards in all operations.

Everything You Need to Know About Norstrat

The Norstrat Group is committed to providing our partners with access and additional services. As part of this commitment, it has created the following programs:

  • Annual Security Meetings, where members can network with security professionals from a wide range of disciplines, share best practices, collaborate, etc.
  • Training Services are offered to members by our professional business, financial and physical security experts, who have trained with the Edmonton Police ServiceCanadian Special Forces Uniden, and RCMP National Security Programs experienced security professional from NORSTRAT Consulting, Inc. who works to resolve any security issues our partners may be experiencing.
  • NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated offers exclusive discounts on business, financial, and physical security products that are not available at retail.
  • The audit of an organization’s current safety measures by experienced professionals from the military or police of Canada. NORSTRAT members are usually entitled to a free audit.
  • Networking and marketing opportunities are available at these free Business Networking Nights with other Northern Strategy firms
  • Developing physical security programs, including Privacy Impact Assessments, to ensure that organizations are protected against terrorist threats.

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Founders of Norstrat:

The Norstrat Group, a company with retired Canadian Armed Forces soldiers and Northern business leaders at its core found that there was a widespread need for their services. With this insight, they established NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated as an independent arm of The Norstrats’ group to provide consulting on how best implement elements from the new northern strategy.”

The Norstrat Group has commissioned several private military production, research and development companies to produce weapons for the Canadian Armed Forces.


As the North faces major hurdles in terms of economic development, there are organizations dedicated to helping it through. One such company is Norstrat Consulting Incorporated which was founded by retired Canadian Armed Forces soldiers and Northern business leaders with experience from across many fields including government agencies tasked with implementing elements of The Northern Strategy.”

The Norstrat Group of Companies is currently in the process of commissioning several private-sector military productions, research, and development companies. The Canadian Armed Forces have been our primary client since 2013 when they took over logistics for NORSTRAT Consulting’s services so it only makes sense that we contract out more weapons!

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated is a Canadian-based company that was established in 2010 with the intent to help foster collaboration between government agencies and private corporations tasked with implementing elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy. As ANOPOL activity has increased, so too did their necessity; serving as key infrastructure when it comes to public health officials’ responsibilities.

The input text states: “NORSTRAT Consulting became essential” while output says: Norstrat Consultants, Ltd., or simply ‘Nor Strats,’ were founded by retired officers from the armed forces and civil servants who recognized there was an immense need to coordinate resources among these groups during times where significant public safety events occur.”

The image of the people in 1885 standing on top of one another’s shoulders to complete this ambitious project is now considered a symbol for Canada. The new Northern Strategy will be no different as it grows together with its people, proudly showcasing Canadian engineering and ingenuity. The boldness exhibited by each individual represents what can happen when everyone works together towards something great!

I can’t find anything about this in an article or online. Norstrat is a fictitious company that has been created by the author to demonstrate how it could work in real life.

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