Confluence Software: 5 Key Features to Know About

Confluence Software: 5 Key Features to Know About

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Confluence software has made quite a name for itself over the last couple of years. Before we begin talking about Confluence project management software, we want to tell you about everything about this software; from features to details about the background of this software and what it is for. The Confluence software has a number of reviews available online that rave about its merits but we will tell you everything solely in terms of credentials the software has.

We will be giving you all the details about the software and how it is doing in terms of providing ease for its users. Keep reading if you would like to know about this software and figure out whether or not you would like to employ it in your care!

5 Key Confluence Features

Templates Made Easy

Templates are a vital part of your day-to-day work as a company and with Confluence project management software this part of your workday gets much easier. The software comes fully equipped with a number of templates that you can look through and choose from, depending on what your needs are. These templates allow you to simply input details about your work without having to worry about how you will be making plans; you can simply input details of it. This helps you to save a lot of time. Apart from being easy to use, the templates are even further customizable which means you can easily edit them to suit your needs in particular!

Comments and Feedback

The next feature in Confluence project management software we want to tell you about is the comments and feedback feature which essentially allows you to keep everyone in your company on the same page. The feature allows you to be able to make comments on tasks uploaded by your colleagues. This feature hence makes it easier for everyone to leave feedback and this means that collaboration is simplified. This feature really makes a huge difference in how it allows you to keep communication and feedback continuously on your work so that there is feedback continuously on progress rather than having it only once at the end when you were already too far along on the project!


The analytics feature in Confluence project management software allows for a great tool for you and your colleagues to enjoy. This feature means you are able to get an automated and accurate read about the progress of your project. The software gives you automated reports that help you to learn about the progress of you and your colleagues on any given project. And this helps you learn about whether or not you will be able to complete the project on time or whether you and your colleagues need to pick up the pace. This feature really helps you out in terms of progress tracking and staying on your course!


There is another feature in Confluence best project management software that makes sure everyone on the team is submitting their work on time and that the project will be completed on time. The notifications feature in Confluence software allows for you and your team to be notified about deadlines. This means that you are able to keep ahead of deadlines because of notification reminders about them. The software also notifies you when a colleague leaves a comment on your work or when you are personally tagged in a comment. What this does is help you to ensure that everyone is on the same page, communication is quick and effective, and work is submitted on time!

Version History

Another feature you might not read about in any other Confluence project management software review is the version history feature. This feature really allows you to enjoy full freedom in working on your project without any worries about losing data. The feature keeps files of previous versions of the plan or project so that you can always revert back to a previous version if needed. So for example, you or your colleague make new changes to the project but they are not approved in your weekly meeting with your team lead or client, this means you are able to simply revert the project back to the last version which was approved.

Confluence Pricing

Now we come to another aspect which will help you decide whether Confluence software is right for you; confluence pricing. In terms of pricing, Confluence follows a tiered pricing model based on different versions. The most expensive version of the software costs $30 per month while the cheapest version costs $10 a month. The version you choose can solely depend on what your needs are from the software and what your budget is!

Is Confluence Right Fit for You

Confluence project management software has a lot going on for it in terms of features. We have discussed in detail the number of amazing features it has. But to decide whether these features are right for you, we suggest you make a list of features that you need in software and see whether Confluence software is right for those needs.

We also suggest you read as many Confluence software reviews from users. This will help you to ensure that you choose software that will serve you well in the long run. This is because learning whether the software is right for you in the long run because users write down their experiences over a number of years.

We are sure whatever conclusion you draw about Confluence software will be the right call for you!

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