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How NextGen EMR Help Care Providers?

Want to explore what NextGen EMR has in store for you with a distinctive approach? You might have read lengthy yet boring articles about how it manages overall clinical workflow. Also, you might have read fine articles highlighting the potential features of NextGen Medical Software, but that’s not what we will discuss here. We understand that it’s time to think out of the box. Features are something you can discover easily; that’s why today, we are going to inject an element of innovativeness in this fine piece.

We are going to discover how this software helps various healthcare practices. Providers nationwide are using the services of NextGen EMR software to run a productive clinical center. The software enables practices to grow from scratch by offering specialized medical tools and services. All these services are tailored to fit the needs of care providers. The demo of NextGen EMR provides definitive assistance to care professionals by extracting the crux of the vendor and presenting it skillfully in a few-minutes tutorial.

This NextGen demo guides through scheduling appointments, document processing, client database management, detailed reports analysis, and more. In addition, the vendor is inclined at enhancing clinical effectiveness by training the medical staff, thus boosting their productivity. Also, it provides extensive help desk services regardless of the specialized practice. This fast support service backs all medical providers. So, let’s explore what the things that come under the health center category of this EMR system are.

How NextGen Medical Software Assist Health Centers?

You should know beforehand that NextGen EMR caters to a wide range of medical specialties. And to meet their desired requirements, the vendor offers specialized features and integrated workflow functionalities. This ensures that the health centers are running at an optimized pace keeping up with their set goals and medical requirements. In this regard, here we will share a quick demo of the specialized interfaces of NextGen EMR.

Out of all its specialized interfaces, we have picked out the ones with the highest usability rate.


Theis EMR platform supports a dental records EMR service for dental surgeons. This solution fits the specialized needs of dentists and allows them to deliver the best quality care. Additionally, the dental EMR of NextGen helps improve patient satisfaction, enhance patient engagement, evolve the customer base, and reduce last-minute cancellations. The NextGen demo even includes a customer relationship management service to establish a solid patient-physician bond.

Besides simplifying perio charting, it makes it easy for dentists to retain clients. They can easily manage clinical tasks and procedures with automated tools. All this can be done from a single window, including filing patient forms and other documents. They can even conduct cost estimates using NextGen EMR. This framework is built on an integrated interface that complies with HIPAA regulations.


This robust solution provides a specialized module for women’s health care centers. This is the most meaningful and productive EHR created by NextGen medical software. The primary purpose of this EHR is to facilitate moms-to-be by instant communication with specialists. In addition, it assists women going through this phase for the very first time with thorough guidance. Using this, gynecologists can benefit from the grid view of obstetric observations.

It also helps with scheduling appointments through an online scheduler and also tracks the appointments. Then there are options for checking blood pressure, glucose level and viewing lab reports. The vitals are automatically entered into the patient charts. This EHR empowers gynecologists to draft better family planning workflows for the patients and can automatically calculate the expected delivery date by looking into the mother’s condition.


NextGen features Optometry-specific EHR for the convenience of ophthalmologists. Physicians tied up in back-to-back appointment schedules really benefit from this solution. NextGen EMR software helps eye-care providers with specialized tools for optimized vision care. For example, eye test reports are seamlessly uploaded into the patient’s charts. In addition, it helps vision care providers keep track of patients showing significant signs of progression.

There is also a tool for creating an optometry-specific workflow. Also, it supports the treatment plans by allowing physicians to interact with other specialists. Providing timely medications to the patients is also possible, which leads to beneficial outcomes. Adding to it, the vendor supports frame data integration which can be downloaded directly and can be shared with the patients. Finally, there’s a set workflow for all cases, whether it’s low visit examination or proper vision care.

Behavioral and Physical Health 

NextGen EMR assigns experts to guide the psychiatrists running mental health centers. There are built-in enrollment programs for managing patients in healthcare facilities. It allows documenting assessment forms, and intake forms before the psychiatrists draft the treatment plans. Documenting group visits is also possible for all behavioral and physical health practices, as it is common amongst these facilities.

Mental health practices can nurture a smooth patient experience with improved care coordination. Tools like patient kiosks, patient portals, smart recall, and online payment processing optimize overall clinical workflow. Patients can ask questions to the providers via email or the patient portal. The unified structure of this cloud based EMR Software even helps with chart creation and streamlining the financial processes.

NextGen EMR Pricing 

It is indeed the most commonly asked question by all medical care providers. They have the right to know what they have to pay for utilizing all the innovative functionalities and services of this EMR system. However, diving into the pricing details of NextGen EMR is not as easy as diving into its features and capabilities. The software has not officially disclosed its cost plan to the general public. But you can always send a request for knowing the current pricing details of NextGen EMR.


We have presented valid facts for you here in this article to learn from with the aim of helping you make a potent decision. You will find a specialized interface in this EMR platform no matter which specialty you practice. The most outstanding quality of NextGen is featuring exclusive services at an affordable pricing. It is something most EMR vendors fail to achieve as fulfilling the needs of multiple specialties simultaneously is not a piece of cake.

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