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Choosing a Dedicated Server in chicago is Better Than Cloud Server

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As we can see in the fast-moving forward world that we must require a server and website to expand our business. Dedicated and cloud servers both are important servers that are used in modern businesses. You must need a website to grow your business. Nowadays, a dedicated server is becoming popular and the best for online businesses. In most cases, large business owners preferred to choose a dedicated server in Chicago

A dedicated server gives you lots of benefits than a cloud server. Like: 100 percent uptime, better performance, enhanced security, full access, complete server environment to manage the resources. 

So, in this article, I will compare both cloud and dedicated servers and their difference. And why selecting a dedicated server is good option than a cloud server. Pros and cons of the dedicated server. 


What is Cloud Server?

The cloud server is working on cloud computing technology. The server provider company provides you cloud server after work on cloud computing technology. All servers connect with each other and do specific tasks like memory, process, storage, performance. The server provider company provides you with a virtual environment with limited features.. 


You can remotely manage your server resources from all over the world. With the help of cloud computing, we can instantly create/destroy a cloud server. Third party application can be controlled it.  

Pros and cons of cloud server

Unlike shared hosting, you get variety of features with a cloud server is mentioned below.

Pros Cons
  • You can instantly setup your website with a cloud server and manage from all over the world
  • Automate your features like templete, recips, API and more. 
  • Get a better performance due to redundant and increased uptime. 
  • Scale up your resources, plans, and features as per your business or website need
  • Get a faster loading speed than a shared hosting
  • The hosting provider charge for what you choose 
  • More expensive than shared hosting in limited resources
  • Limited access of CPU, storage, and disk spack (although custom plans available)


Which website’s owner needs a cloud server?

Lots of businesses can use a cloud server that needs better performance, faster loading speed, maximum uptime, and scalability. We use multiple server to set up a cloud server than a single server.


  • Software websites
  • Small and mid-scale businesses
  • Email server
  • Personal Game server
  • E-commerce websites

What is a Dedicated server?

A dedicated server and cloud server are completely different from each other. A type of physical server that is conpeletly used by a single business, industry, or client. All of the server hardware, power, storage, RAM is completely work for your website. 

Unlike a shared hosting or cloud server, you dont need to share your resources and features with multiple users. The hosting company stores hardware in a data center. Mostly two types of dedicated servers are available to host your site. 

Pros and cons of Dedicated server in Chicago

A dedicated server chicago gives you more benefits than a cloud server. But it also has some disadvantages that are mentioned below. 

Pros Cons
  • Easily manage CPU, RAM, power, and hard disk drive 
  • Full flexibility of choose resources like server processor, power, storage, bandwidth, uptime, and more. 
  • No need to purchase robust hardware equipment
  • No need to hire an IT team to manage, migrate, install to set up the resources
  • Optimal performance, enhanced security, and better loading speed than other servers.
  • Get complete root level access to manage your server resources and features
  • Get a distinct IP address for your website

You are not able to scale up your plan and resources 

Difficult to use, migrate, and manage the resources.

Longer deployment times


Which website’s owner needs a chicago Dedicated server?

A dedicated server in chicago is best for stable businesses that no need to upgrade their features in the future. A dedicated server is best for businesses that require robust processing power, a high level of security, lots of storage, RAM, and IP address. These may include:

  • Analysis lots of data
  • Large Database Hosting
  • VPS / Reseller / Shared Hosting Nodes
  • Game Server Nodes


Now, let’s summarise all the articles and understand that if you get best dedicated server in Chicago from the best hosting provider then this is better than a cloud server. A dedicated server gives you more benefits than a cloud server like better processor power, enhanced security, CPU, distinct IP address, faster loading speed, high bandwidth, and full root access. But cloud servers also provide lots of features. 

A dedicated server in Chicago is more expansive than a cloud server. You only pay for what you choose. 

Here, serverwala offers you better benefits with a dedicated server Chicago than others. They give 24*7 technical support, better performance, best, reliable and cheap dedicated server in Chicago. 

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