Highlights on Which is the Best Cakes for Anniversary

Highlights on Which is the Best Cakes for Anniversary

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Anniversaries are adorable, no matter how long you and your partner are together. People generally celebrate this day as a memorable date for their wedding. But, what for those couples who aren’t married but have been together for several months and years?

Best Cakes for Anniversary

You can either celebrate the month of dating, 5 years since the day you first kissed, or anything. But, what if you both started dating unconventionally and wondered which date should I celebrate? No worries. You can remember the exact date of your first dinner together, or the first date when you celebrated your pal’s birthday, or the day when you both became friends first. In this way, you can celebrate your dating anniversary.

The beauty of anniversaries lies in how creative you are in celebrating. There are so many ways to celebrate it and an online flower shop in Delhi is there to make your purchase completely hassle-free.

Meaning of Wedding Anniversary

Celebrations of anniversaries took place in medieval times when people used to celebrate 25 and 50 years of marriage. On completion of 25 years, the husband used to crown his wife with a silver wreath and for 50 years with a gold wreath.

Later on, the tradition for gold and silver anniversaries got stuck. But, now there is a long list of anniversaries to accompany them. It is nowadays celebrated to represent couple commitment, stage of their relationship, and the number of years they stayed together.

With the inclination more and more towards cakes and flowers, each couple has their own choice of anniversary cake that means a lot for them. To celebrate and witness the date when they tied a knot, people nowadays prefer to buy cakes online. Listed down are some of the best cakes for anniversaries to be chosen from:

Red Velvet Cake with Cheese Frosting:

A most traditional yet romantic cake for an anniversary would be nothing better than a Red Velvet Cake. This beautiful layered cake is found mostly in red colours i.e., dark red, reddish-brown, or dark red. The red color is attained either due to adding red food color or beetroot extract.

The cream cheese frosting on it makes it more alluring yet tempting. If you are wondering where to buy cakes online. Then, with the emergence of several online stores, it’s easy to order as per weight, size, and design. Add some floral touch with a bunch of roses from an online flower shop in Delhi and show your utmost love to your best half.

Vanilla Cake with Apricot and Pistachios Buttercream:

Nothing would be classier than ordering Vanilla cakes online. Used as a base, the cake is made more tempting with nut flavours, especially pistachios and apricot. Buy cakes online and give some nutty surprises to your loved ones.

Classy BlackForest:

Chocolate cake has always remained a favourite for many. And when it comes in the form of BlackForest, there is nothing to say ‘No’. Having a chocolate base, fresh white cream icing, this cake is shredded with chocolate on the top. This mouth-melting cake is a simple yet delicious choice for an anniversary.

Angel Food Cake-Coconut, Lime, and Blood Orange Butter Creams:

Most of us have come across the name ‘Devil Food Cake’. But here is its nicer twin in the name of ‘Angel Food Cake’. This spongy cake is actually popular in the United States in the name of the food of angels. This cake has an ideal vanilla base with nice creamy toppings of lime, coconut, and blood orange buttercream. Now, if you got tempted with just its name. Then, you can easily buy this cake online.

Honey Buttercream Pistachio Cake: This cake is not only delightful to the eyes but appetizing to the stomach too. This light green cake with white buttercream is totally a treat for this anniversary. The green colour is due to the pistachio nut flavour while the icing is honey buttercream.

Lemon Frosted Lemon Cake: The name itself leaves a sweet tangy taste in the mouth. This cake is highly moist having a dense texture. This buttery yet sweet cake has a slightly tangy taste due to the lemon flavor. For frosting, a simple lemon glaze is used.

Banana Cake with Chocolate Frosting: This cake is dense yet moist. Blended with a banana base, it has chocolate frosting. Shredded with nuts toppings make this cake even more delicious

Cakes when combined with flowers utter a thousand words that your lips can’t even say. Avail of the service of an online flower shop in Delhi and make your occasion more grandiose.

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