Effective Tips on How to Create a Bestselling Promotional Video

Effective Tips on How to Create a Bestselling Promotional Video

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Do you have a product and want to gather the audience’s attention around it? You can use a promo video, which is an effective way to deliver a brand message.

More than 83% of marketers confirm that promo videos bring positive returns on investment. In addition, about 68% of customers prefer to watch a promo video to learn more about products and services before buying.

Video content is easier to consume than written text. Your audience can engage with your brand content even when on the go. Remember, the audience’s attention span is reducing due to busy schedules and work.

You need to provide content that potential buyers can consume faster, and that’s a video.

Posting quality and engaging promo videos attracts sharing on social platforms. As your content is shared more, your brand becomes popular.

But where do you begin to make the best promo video? Here are several steps to create a video that stands out among billions of videos.

Steps to Create Results-Oriented Promo Video

Research Your Audience First and What They Need

Developing an impactful social media strategy involves getting to know who your audiences are and what they need. Creating videos is a process and costs you money and time. You’ll invest in video making and fail to achieve your objectives when you don’t know your target audience.

What are the troubles and struggles of your target audience? The answer to that question helps you to create content that meets your audience’s needs.

Begin by designing buyer personas, representing the target audience by their characters. Targeting your viewers with suitable promo videos leaves them feeling you are speaking to them directly, enhancing engagement.

Develop a Video Script

You now know your audience well from the personas. The next step is a video script that captures what, how, and why. A good video should reflect a story, and a story has three stages. So, ensure your script has the start, middle, and end-stage.

What problem does your product solve?

Your target audience would want to watch exactly that at the beginning of your video. The middle part of your video should tell the audience how your product solves their pain points. Then, the third part of your video should address why your audience should consider your brand.

Therefore, you need to edit your footage to flow like a story. You can use an online video-making tool, which helps to organize your clips into a video with a smooth flow. 

Come up With a Storyboard

A storyboard gives a visual outline of your promo video. Storyboard breaks your video script into shots. Every shot focus on the subject, background, camera movements, and camera shot.

You will see the final outlook of your video even before you begin shooting when you have a storyboard.

Due to the busy nature of video shooting, you may forget to shoot vital clips. But when you have a good storyboard, you will never leave out anything good from your video. Using a storyboard, you can also approximate the clips you need for your promo video.

Begin to Shoot Clips

Do you have the right gear? You can proceed to shoot clips for your video.

Avoid shooting in a noisy environment. You should also pay attention to lighting when shooting. Aim to use natural lighting as much as possible, which makes your video more attractive.

Make sure you capture quality footage. Remember, the quality of your promo video depends on the standard of your clips. When you shoot high-standard footage, you’ll have an easy time editing.

Shaky clips and poor lighting when shooting affects the quality of your video.

On top of quality, you should also get good clips. Can you imagine going to the field to shoot, coming back, and realizing you didn’t capture enough footage? That means you go to the field again, which costs you time and money.

Ensure you capture as many clips as possible. 

Promotional Video Editing

Editing is among the critical steps in the video production process. The quality editing process leads to high-quality videos. You should pay attention to every detail when editing. Cut off all unnecessary sections from your video. You can make your video more attractive using various transitions like fade in or out. But ensure your transitions are consistent. Dissolve is another video transition technique you can use to show transitioning scenes in a video.

Add the right music to your promo video to attract your audience’s attention. Video music also sets the right mood to watch promo video content. Avoid adding patented music to your video without permission. You can get a promo video maker tool with free-to-use music to save royalty costs.

Make Your Promo Video Short and Sweet

Avoid creating a lengthy promo video. 60 to 90 seconds video can deliver your promotional message. Keep in mind that the viewer’s attention span is shrinking. So, no one will spend much time watching a longer video. 

Using your storyboard and video editing tool lets you know where to cut and reduce your video length. But avoid leaving out the essential content of your video. Go through your video several times and find what to remove to have content that engages your audience.

Customize Your Promo Video

A promo video is about your brand. So, you should communicate about what you offer. Customize your video at every level to match your product or brand.

Do you have a logo or official colors, giving your product credibility? If yes, include them in your promo video. Ensure to use a video editor with promo video templates to speed up editing. Templates always facilitate the user to create a video instantly with its editing dashboard.  In that way, you can personalise it, add images, music, and other resources from the library, and produce your own unique promo video for your Business or Brand. Remember, Your promo video should be highly targeted. Get video characters that look and behave like your buyer’s personas. But also, ensure your content addresses doubts and questions your audience might have about your brand.


When creating a promo video, pay attention to the quality of the content. Remember, the quality of footage and editing process determines the standard of your video. Get onboard and begin promoting your products through videos.

Creating a promo video is a good idea to draw the attention of buyers to your products. Follow every step mentioned above and develop the most effective promo video. Add a call to action into your video to help your audience know the next course of action after watching.

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