8 Must-Know Networking Tips For Your Small Business

8 Must-Know Networking Tips For Your Small Business

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Networking provides opportunities for your business, which you might not get on your own. For example, if you’re looking for a candidate for an important position or you’re looking for a new vendor in your business, networking with people in your field is the best way to come up with a solution. 

Effective business networking helps you develop a strong community of professionals who will help you in your business journey. Hereby, we’re sharing some powerful networking tips for your business.

8 must-know networking tips for your small business

  • Learn to explain your business

You already know what you do in your business. But it is a skill to explain it to others in short sentences. People don’t have time to listen to you for hours when you’re at a networking event. You have a few minutes to explain your business and how it can help the people listening to you.

Therefore, when going to events or seminars, prepare yourself for it. Also, write down some questions people might ask about your business; practice answering them quickly and satisfactorily.

  • Get your business card ready to share

How can you do networking without having a business card? It is a must for every business, especially for small businesses. The contact information should be clearly visible when you share the business card with people.

Design a custom business card in which the logo, graphics, and colors used on the business card should be similar to the ones used on a website so that there is no mismatch in the brand’s personality. 

  • Join local business groups

Every city has some small business owner organization. Search for them and join those business groups. Membership in these organizations provides information about future networking events and opportunities to connect with people. And you can prepare yourself for that event in advance.

These organizations also conduct business training and workshops, providing resources for young businesses to grow. There might be a small fee to join, but the value they provide is worth the money.

  • Go to trade shows and business gatherings

Apart from local business groups, look for trade shows and business gatherings held at the state and national levels. Here, you meet business people from different parts of the country. You learn how they do their business differently and what marketing or sales techniques they use. 

Businesses in a survey disclosed they got 5% to 20% of their new customers from trade shows.

Networking with people far from your region may help you expand your business as they’ll tell you about the demographics and interests of customers from their territory.

  • Serve your community

One of the best ways to bring visibility to your brand is by serving your community. There are many ways to serve the community by supporting charities, hospitals, sports teams, etc.

Doing this lets you connect and engage with the people. They will promote your brand, and you’ll definitely make more connections.

You can also collaborate with your complementary businesses to do volunteering together. 

  • Share the knowledge in seminars, conferences, and workshops

If you’ve been doing business for quite a while, it is most likely that you’ve gained some experience through these years.

Establish yourself as an authority in the industry by sharing this knowledge with other businesses and potential clients. 

You can do this by speaking in seminars and conferences or conducting your own workshops. 

  • Use social media

Most businesses use social media for content marketing, but some platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can be used for networking. Even on Facebook, you can join different groups related to your business. 

Sharing knowledge and talking about your business publicly on social media is a great way to network with people and connect with your customers.

  • Virtual meetups

Virtual networking events and virtual meetups are on the rise. Some big organizations conduct regular online meetups. In addition, there are many online platforms where you can host online meetups with people in your industry.

Doing this helps keep your connections warm even when you’re not meeting them in person. 

People don’t need to travel to attend your event. Hence, it saves time and money for theirs and yours too.


Networking may seem time-consuming, and it may not give immediate results. But networking is different from one-on-one selling. 

Networking is all about connecting with helpful people who might bring a lot of value to your business. After all, your network is your net worth.

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