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Everything You Want to Know About My Mother’s Jewelry

Why are you writing this guide? Because as a jewelry company, we get a lot of questions about jewelry and usually a lot of questions about mother rings and pendants. I would like to personally list some of the most popular questions we receive about mother jewelry and our answers. Thus, if you have a question, you need to find the answer here!

What is the history of my mother’s ring?

At that time, there were two wedding rings that the couple’s children made as gifts for their mother and spouse. However, this has changed considerably over the years. The rings sold on this site are very popular. It is still given by a child, husband or other important person. I gave the ring only to the most traditional moms. They are becoming more and more popular every year thanks to the new style and unique looks they have now.

What are the popular types of family jewelry?

The most popular types of in memory of mom jewelry are rings and necklaces for mothers. You can also see those mother and son’s rings and necklaces everywhere. Most of the people who buy our jewelry have many children or want to include their parents, so we don’t sell many of them. Our jewelry highlights the birthstones of children, children and grandchildren. Many customers add their mother’s birthstone and father’s birthstone to the ring. Some go further and include the child’s name engraved on the ring itself.

Cool Ring Genuine / Genuine and Synthetic / Fake Birthstone

This is a big problem in this market. A company that promotes a birthstone as genuine or genuine, even if the birthstone is actually synthetic or artificial. When buying in memory of dad jewelry ring, some things can happen if the price is really cheap.

It is neither pure gold nor platinum. Plating, hollow ring, silver plating is possible.

They use synthetic or fake birthstones, not real birthstones.

Birthstones are of poor quality.

All rings are made of pure gold or platinum to prevent stealing your horn. We also sell silver, but it’s not very popular. The rings we sell are much heavier than those found elsewhere. In addition, we use only the highest quality gems available … and our gems are original. This means it will be more expensive, but you will get a much better copy that will last much longer.

What kind of finger does your mother’s ring have?

This is a very popular question we always get. First, it should only be used on the fingers. Do not place it next to other rings. It is usually worn on the left or right ring finger. Customers choose a particular style as a thumb ring, which is very rare. Another option is the finger next to the ring finger. This is also optional, but less common. But after all, it’s your jewel and you can wear it on any finger.

We also asked our clients to design a tattoo ring! They wanted to come up with a design that we would use as a tattoo instead of wearing a real mother’s ring!

Can I add it to my mother’s ring?

This is another question we often get. Let’s say you buy a ring and it has a birthstone for both your children. So a year later, do you have another baby? How about your mom’s ring! Now, there are several options:

Mother’s day is coming! That special day both for her and for her whole family that we appreciate every day being able to count on her and everything she does for us.

It is clear that it is important to show her every day how much we love her and to let her know that she is essential for us, but what better way than to have a day to show her more, if possible, and honor her in the best possible way so that she does not forget how special she is, and the important role that a mother has in our lives.

A mother is the one who selflessly gives us all her time, her effort, her sacrifice. There are innumerable all the good things that throughout our lives they do for us. That’s why you deserve to have such a special day. And what better than showing it to her with the best possible gift, a gift that she can wear and that every time she looks at it she remembers us and how much we love her.

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