What is a nursing collar and what are its benefits

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Many of you have asked me about the true function of a sensory accessory and how it works. Today I want to tell you everything there is to know about a nursing necklace. but above all, the benefits for our babies and of course, for us.
Discovering the concept
A breastfeeding necklace is an accessory to make our babies experience sensory. Either at the time of breastfeeding, when they drink a bottle and in baby wearing.
A nursing necklace is more than an accessory, it offers benefits. when feeding the baby and provides security to the mother since. Due to the grasping instinct with which babies are born .And they will want to pull the hair. and the elements that she carries.
As they grow, they want to experiment, discover the world. They have greater sensitivity and touch is one of the fundamental senses. when it comes to exploring.
Many moms have to stop using accessories. when they realize that their baby’s safety is at stake.But they feel strange. they need something to feel cute and feminine. With nursing necklaces they recover this part of their femininity. while strengthening the bond with the baby.
Touch is developing and it is important. That as mothers ,We are willing to reinforce. That experience through a jewelry with meaningful messages. that allows the achievement of that purpose.
I have not invented the concept of “nursing necklaces”. but I have made sure to appropriate it with quality. Dynamism and good taste, to offer striking modern. And avant-garde pieces, designed for mom.
And what should a nursing necklace have to be consider a sensory accessory?
Several characteristics that I will mention below. It is important that, once the concept of breastfeeding necklace. and sensory accessory has been define, we learn how to identify it.
A nursing necklace must be ; this means that it must be make with materials free of toxic substances, why? Our babies not only explore the world through their hands. They will also want to put everything in their mouths. And for this reason, it is important to ensure. That these accessories are free of substances that they can ingest.
They must be accessories that support and withstand pulls. Babies are in the pulling stage and as they develop their sense of touch. The collar has to guarantee that they can do. this maneuver without their safety or that of the mother being compromise
Benefits of wearing a nursing collar
There are many and I guarantee that after reading them. You will want to order yours as soon as possible. In fact, seeing our babies so happy exploring. The world through shapes and colors is priceless. and seeing us beautiful and sophisticated is a plus in our role of moms.
They are safe:  Everything that has to do with the safety of our children. Is the most important thing for us and at Xtreme Look we are clear about it. All the necklaces are make of antibacterial food silicone. Free of BPA and toxic materials and are certifi by the FDA and the EU. This guarantees that our babies can put the necklaces in their mouths. without fear of getting intoxicat or ingesting any substance that puts them in harm’s way. Risk, so this is a fundamental aspect that counts as a benefit. When wearing a nursing necklace as an accessory.
They make you look feminine:  Another benefit for you, mom, is to look chic. Bold and stylish, nobody said that motherhood had to be boring and that our closet would have to pay the price. We have beautiful designs for you to wear on any occasion and. At the same time, your baby to explore the world through your accessories. Two benefits in one.
They please the grasping reflex. This is one of the greatest benefits when it comes to breastfeeding and baby wearing. They are distracte by the colors. They are able to entertain themselves with the textures and shapes of the necklace. And it allows them to concentrate more when shooting.
Babies from 4 months begin to be distract more .This is because their vision has improve . You will be able to perceive that. In the beginning, the feeds were prolong. Controll and calm, with time The baby moves. Releases the chest, stretches, wants to grab things and. So, the feeds do not achieve a regular rhythm.
Thanks to the nursing necklaces. We can focus their attention and achieve a prolonged feeding. while playing with the accessory.
Designed for their different stages.We know that, over time. our babies develop different abilities. For this reason, it is necessary that. in each of their stages. They can live a sensory experience according to the world they are beginning to explore.
At xtreme Look we have designed necklaces for mom and daughter each of these stages. Thinking about their fine motor skills. So that they receive the right stimuli and explore. The world through colors, textures and shapes.
They relieve the symptoms of teething. Teething can be annoying for babies. And because some symptoms from slight pain or a sensation of wanting to scratch their gum. Nursing necklaces favor their teething stage since. Being chewable. They can contribute to the relief of these symptoms.
They calm the instinct of suction and grasping. As I told you above, the baby in its early stages tries to know. The world through its grasping instinct. It will want to pull your hair. Your clothes or some accessory you are wearing.
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