Top 5 Shaver Heads To Pick In 2022

Top 5 Shaver Heads To Pick In 2022

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Even as hair salons and barbershops began to reopen over the summer, some people embraced the new style statement, The Quarantine Beard, while some preferred trimming as per their requirements and likings. Some opted for grays while others opted for a full shave during the quarantine period as a more permanent solution to their hairy conditions.

Choosing the right shaver head is a very crucial factor. Depending on the head or shaving cassette, the trimming or shaving of the hair can be carried out.

Closed comb shaver heads

These types of shaver heads are expected to be among the most popular, especially among novice wet shavers. By minimizing both the blade exposure and gap – considered to be the two most crucial components to gauging a personalized shave with a safety razor–open comb safety razors often add a bit more “safe” to the “safety” component of the shave.

Most conventional razors with foil screen mesh shaver heads are pretty forgiving for those just getting started in the procedure.

Open comb shaver heads

The open comb razor head, in contrast to the closed comb, provides a more forceful shave. The user will notice that the teeth on the head hallow an extra amount of lather to stay on the face while the blade performs the cutting. There is a greater blade gap and more blade exposure. A razor with an open comb shaver head will provide a much tighter shave overall. Most of these razors also feature a higher blade gap and blade exposure than traditional safety razors.

Adjustable shaver heads

Razors with adjustable heads are very safe to use. This type of cassette head allows the user to vary the blade gap and exposure by twisting a knob. The adjustable head’s main advantage is the ability to quickly and easily modify aggression on the go.

Slant shaver heads

The slant shaver heads modify a standard double-edged safety razor by slanting the blade. Blade exposure and gap are still taken into account, but they take a back seat to how the blade applies pressure to the skin. Since the blade comes into indirect touch with both the skin and the stubble, there is less pressure on both the skin and the hair. As a result, the slant razor heads are ideal for those with sensitive skin yet requiring a close shave with their grooming needs.

Single Edge razor heads

The single edge shaver head comes with most of the features from other options discussed above. However, there are a few exceptions that differentiate this type from the others in the list. Since this type Derby DE Razor Blades 5 Pack features a single side, you must either 1) use a snapped half of a standard double-edged safety razor or 2) buy blades developed specifically for the razor’s style.


A head shaver is not to be confused with clippers or trimmers, which are used to cut longer hair. While all three instruments can aid in the care of a shaved head, choosing the one perfect to meet someone’s needs is a personal preference.

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