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Get 40% discount on Serverwala VPS Singapore 1 year plan

You have varied choices in the industry to select from when it comes to web hosting solutions. At present, many users are opting for virtual private servers because they serve as the most compelling and powerful hosting solutions. Also, they are capable of rendering an extensive range of benefits as well as the power of a dedicated server at the most affordable rates.

You must find a renowned and reliable web hosting company to make effective usage of virtual private server hosting. Serverwala is one such web hosting company that provides the best hosting plans for VPS Singapore. In this article, you will get insights into Serverwala’s cheapest and best VPS hosting plans. However, let us first highlight the functioning of a virtual private server and how it is more reliable than the most common web hosting server, i.e., shared server. 

What do you mean by Singapore VPS?

The VPS Singapore makes you share the physical server with other users but enables you to have a virtual, private, and independent hosting environment. It is based on the virtualization technology employing which the physical server is partitioned to form multiple virtual private servers. No virtual private server can affect or impact the functioning and operations of other VPSs on the physical server. Furthermore, with the virtual private server, you get access to the required resources that work only for your website and are not shared among other users on the server. Also, your website gets a unique IP address and becomes capable of delivering optimal and high performance.  

How is Singapore VPS hosting more reliable than shared hosting?

Without a doubt, VPS Singapore provides more reliability than the shared server for every kind of website. This is because of the mentioned below principal reasons –

Availability Of Resources

Unlike shared server hosting, you do not have to encounter any restrictions when it comes to the usage of the web resources required by your website. You get independent and dedicated resources with your VPS Singapore. Moreover, the VPS hosting allows you to upgrade your web resources as and when needed to grow your website or handle the increasing web traffic. Thus, you acquire a higher availability of resources with virtual private server hosting. 

Robust Data Security

Singapore VPS comes with a private and autonomous hosting platform. This helps in keeping the functioning of your hosting environment and website’s data entirely separate from other users. Moreover, your VPS hosting platform cannot be accessed by any unauthorized users. Also, you can introduce a number of security layers to your virtual private server for ensuring complete data security. 

Higher SEO Ranking

With virtual private server hosting, your website becomes capable of delivering high performance with better uptime. Also, your end-users experience the high page loading speed of your website. Thus, the Singapore VPS hosting enables your website to acquire a higher SEO ranking. You also get the chance to draw more people, customers, or clients to your website. 

Better Hosting Flexibility

You can attain complete authority over your virtual private server. With this, you get the ability to customize and configure the settings, applications, software, etc., on your server as per your website’s necessities. You get the high flexibility to run, manage, and handle your VPS Server in your own way.  

Highly Cost-Effective

You can obtain the virtual private server hosting service for your website at almost the same or a bit higher cost relative to shared server hosting services. However, you get much more and a high level of privileges as well as benefits with the VPS hosting. You can efficiently host, run and grow your website on a virtual private server at the most affordable costs. Thus, VPS hosting is a highly cost-effective hosting solution for the advancement of your website. 

Features that make Serverwala the best VPS Singapore Provider

About Serverwala

Serverwala is a highly-recognized data center and industry-leading web hosting provider worldwide. It renders the best Singapore VPS hosting services and facilities at the cheapest rates possible. The company has also acquired recognition through various awards for the same. Moreover, Serverwala VPS Singapore enables your website to deliver seamless performance and an excellent end-user experience. Also, you get the opportunity to opt between unmanaged and managed web hosting services with your virtual private server plan according to your necessities. Continue reading and get further insightful details about the features, benefits, and plans of the company’s cheap VPS Singapore. 

Features and advantages

Here are some of the most essential features and benefits that you can acquire with Serverwala Singapore VPS –

  • Full root access to your VPS
  • DDoS Protection
  • 99.99% Uptime network guarantee with the fastest connectivity
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Simple Licensing
  • Security-as-a-service
  • Supermicro’s Chassis
  • Self Service Portal

40% off on Serverwala’s Linux and Windows VPS Singapore plan

While Serverwala offers the cheapest range of plans and packages of the VPS Singapore, you also get huge discounts on long-term plans as well. With the annual plans or packages of the virtual private server hosting, you can obtain a heavy discount of up to 40% from the company. Moreover, the company ensures 24/7 technical support via experts on different communication mediums with each plan. Further, your website receives secure networking channels as well as redundant power with the company’s virtual private server. The company delivers data encryption, firewall protection, and SSL certificate with its VPS to your website.


The Serverwala VPS provides you with high flexibility, easy scalability, greater data security, high reliability, and better customizability. Furthermore, you get all these privileges and a lot more benefits at the cheapest cost. This helps you save your money and earn greater profits with your website. With the low investment, the company lets you have the experience of a dedicated server hosting environment while hosting your website on a virtual private server. Moreover, the company’s 24/7 customer support services give you the opportunity to resolve your queries or obtain more details regarding the best and cheap VPS Singapore plans right away via professionals. 

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