How do I find good removalists?

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There is no doubt that moving entails big responsibilities. Whether it is for work, school or family, moving can be that one step to get you closer to success. However, it can be challenging to find a removalist you can trust.

The best thing about hiring a removalist is you get stress full of loads off your back. Most removalist offers to cover packing services and storage in case you need one. The thing is, you should look for a removalist that can guarantee excellent service.

How do I find good removalists?

It is imperative to look for a removalist that can provide you with the moving services you need.

Here are some tips that you may consider when looking for a good removalist:

1.   Search for Removalists NEAR YOU

The easiest way to find removalists is to search through the internet. Simply type “removalist near me” in the search bar. In most cases, searches are localised to your area, so, you can be sure that your place is serviceable.

List down the names and contact information of the removalist. You may also include their physical addresses in case you want to personally visit their office.

2.   Make Comparisons

After making a search, list down the top 5 to 6 removalists with good reviews. Some of these companies have Google reviews which you can read through. You may also visit their websites to check on client reviews.

Now, you can compare the reviews. Another way to compare removalists is by calling them to further assess their working environment. Try to observe how they communicate and if there are any background noises.

At this time, you should also be asking each of the removalists on your list who can cater to the location where you are moving. Ask them about their availability on the tentative dates you intend to move. By doing so, you can narrow down the list to 2 to 3 contenders.

3.   their services Ask for Quotes Online

The next thing you should do is to ask for estimates either by phone or through their online quote forms. In most cases, they will ask an approximate volume of things they need to move. In which case, you should be ready with this information, so you could at least have an idea of how much it will cost you.

Keep in mind, however, that the quote is just an estimate for now. The price may differ once they get to visit your place for an actual quote.

4.   Know the Extent of Their Services

The next thing that you should ask your contenders is the extent of. Essentially, removalists would provide only the specific services that you would ask of them. Let’s say you only need moving services, more often than not, that is only what they will provide.

If you need full services like inventory, packing, moving and installing (in your new home), it is best to know if your removalist will cover all this. And if you need storage services, you may need to ask your removalist about this as well.

5.   Invite Moving Managers for Onsite Surveys

After knowing whether or not your contenders can cater to the moving services you need, it’s time to get an actual quote to know whether your budget can hold it out. Invite moving managers for an onsite survey in your current location.

Let me reiterate that the actual quote may be different from what was initially discussed with you over the phone. At this time, ask your removalist for different quotes for certain services only as against a full-service move.

This can give you an idea about how much you can save in case you decide to do the packing yourself. And if moving your belongings directly to your new place instead of opting for a storage unit will be a more cost-efficient option.

6.   Ask About Moving Insurance

Generally, moving insurances are limited to the policies involved in the moving agreement. It may not fully cover loss and damaged properties. In most cases, it is best to get a separate insurance policy from a reputable home and content insurance provider to safeguard your belongings, especially your valuables, furniture and appliances.

Keep in mind that the primary obligation of a removalist is to transport your things securely to your new home. A suitable removalist will assure you that your belongings are in good hands.

7.   Understand Their Moving Policies

Read and understand the policies of the moving agreement with your removalist. If there are unclear provisions, it is best to ask your removalist before signing the contract. If your contract does not include any clause on damages and losses, ask your removalist about their policy in this regard.

8.   Know the Required Documents

In most instances, the necessary documents for the move are prepared by your removalist. However, if you are moving interstate, you may be asked to process additional documents. Your removalist will give you a list of documents you need to provide.

Remember to NEVER submit the original copy of the required documents. Removalist typically asks for duplicate copies of the documents only.

9.   Learn About Their Communication Systems

Lastly, ask about your removalist’s communication system. A reliable removalist will make sure that you can get in touch with them at any time before, during and even after the move.

Just imagine if you’ve been waiting at your new home and it has been hours since you last talked to your moving manager. Of course, you don’t need added stress to an already anxiety-filled moving day.

Whether big or small, ease your mind with a good removalist.

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