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How to get started with your new iPhone

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In the history of innovations and technological advancements, cellphones are most defiantly the first thing that we count with the growing technical world. It was first developed by Martin Cooper in 1983 with the purpose to connect and talk to people that are far. Soon after it was out in the world it become the must-have luxury for the riches. With the growing world cell phones became faster and more approachable to all categories of people. In the 21st century, there is a wide range of brands that develops their cellphones with new features to keep attracting people with new technology. There are a lot of different brands of cellphone creator companies but the one company that is dominating the industry with many different features and specifications with different ranges of prices is Apple. It was first originated in the United States of America by many renowned people like Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak.

There are many products that Apple makes each year but iPhone is one of the best innovations in terms of a trendsetter. There are a lot of cellphones in the market but whenever the newest iPhone model comes out it dominates the whole market.

The thing that makes it so similar yet different from other phones is that unlike other phones iPhone has its softer-ware know as ISO that updates faster and comes with a wide range of features. They are made with high-quality material with elegant and clean design along with the company logo that makes them unique not only in their functions but also in their looks. It is the reason why many companies follow these trends and many people goes too far off to make fortune and creates replicas of iPhone and sells them online. That is why you should only buy it from your near Apple store or from Experimax Los Gatos which sell and repair original product it is located in the united states, but in case you cannot go to their in-store you can also shop online from their site

After buying your newest iPhone first of all you will be turning it on and setting it up with many personalizations according to your style. Following are 5 simple steps to get started with your new iPhone in under a minute:

  1. After turning on your device the first thing you will come across is the language personalization in which you select your preferred language for better understanding. For easy accessibility, you can also set a voice command that is specific to its owner.
  2. The iPhone has a strong set of privacy policies. The next thing you will get to do is set your face and finger recognize so that your device will only be activated on your command and helps you in the protection of your data.
  3. After that, you are asked to enter your apple id that offers access to many apple services (i.e. App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and many more.) In cases, you don’t have an apple id you can easily make a new one with guiding steps.
  4. Afterward, you will set an AI assistant “Siri ‘’ that is specific to Apple products only it helps with different voice commands. It activates with simple voice command of “Hey Siri ‘’ then ask her anything you want to know or do such as “Hey Siri, when is it going to rain ‘’ or “hey Siri set a reminder for sister’s birthday”
  5. Lastly, you have to set different personalization according to your desire such as screen time, brightness, location, etc.
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