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Ways to Stop Facebook from Tracking Your Online Activities

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Facebook is the world’s most using app that not only adults, but kids also use nowadays. You must know about an important feature of Facebook that tracks your online activities and provides you with ads and posts related to your interests. It gathers information on your data as well whenever you are using it. Facebook is the most advanced app among all other apps as it tracks your location even if you are not using it. This is the problem that many users don’t want Facebook to follow them like a shadow. Therefore, you can protect your privacy on Facebook by following multiple solutions. You must have googled once or more than once in your life about how to hide or change your location from Facebook.

Various Methods on the Phone to Change Your Privacy Settings

There are numerous ways by which you can change your privacy settings to stop Facebook from tracking your location. People get offended by this feature, so for this, you can change the privacy settings on Facebook. For this, you can go to the settings and then privacy. After that, you can go to the privacy settings and change the option of who can see what you share. Other than that, you can disable off-Facebook activities from the app settings. This will help to stop Facebook from tracking you even if you are using other apps.

Besides, you can choose to block third-party cookies settings by going to google chrome. This way, you will not be able to use Facebook directly from the browser and will have to use it from the incognito feature. If you are fed up with all of the methods, then you can simply quit using Facebook to save your privacy. However, you can use the FakeLoc app by MXCode. If you use this tool for Facebook, you can hide or spoof your location from Facebook. This way, Facebook will not be able to detect your exact location.

Get Benefits by FakeLoc App by MXCode:

To get this app, you can simply download it from MXCode software and can download Facebook afterward. Then you can sign in to it and can change the location from your phone. This way, Facebook will never be able to track your current location. This app is not only helpful for Facebook, but you can also get benefits by using other applications.

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