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How to Use the Kraft Paper for the Branding Of Business

Brands look for environment-friendly packaging boxes to portray a positive image of the enterprise before the end-users. The companies that use sustainable encasing for the products can emerge as a strong contender and are likely to draw more potential customers’ attention. The stylish product packaging is a must for all the brands as they need to enclose the commodities and make them look stand out.

What Is Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an excellent material for a more durable, efficient, and environment-friendly packaging option. The great thing about its usability is its diverse nature. We can use it to cover all products ranging from light bakery goods to heavy industrial commodities requiring stern protection. It’s a simple paper sheet that we can apply to the packaging box.

The kraft material comes in a natural brown color, its true identity from the color perspective. Still, the businesses can also acquire it in bleached white depending on specific requirements. These sheets are tear-resistant and can bear a substantial impact by keeping the product secure.

It is made out of various natural resources, including wood fibers, recycled paperboard, and sulfur, and is named after the German term for strength.

Virgin and recycled chemical pulp make up the kraft paper, and it has a high degree of elasticity and tear-resistance. The higher proportion of sulfur in kraft packaging results in higher density. In addition, it adds an extra layer of protection while staying environmentally beneficial when coupled with unbleached kraft.

There are also possibilities to bleach kraft boxes and alter the color to white if the manufacturing companies want to. Many individuals, however, like the brown shade since it has a more straightforward look.

How to Use Different Types of Kraft Material

There are many different types of kraft paper out there in the market, and you can opt for the one that meets your business needs:

  • Virgin Natural Kraft

Among all other kraft types, it’s the most cost-effective option and highly durable. If your end goal is to cover heavy-duty goods, you should apply virgin natural kraft paper to the packaging box because it offers a great deal of tear resistance. The natural fiber used in the paper composition is clean, making it more effective to use.

  • Natural Recycled Kraft

It might not be as strong as virgin natural paper, but there are no doubts about its environment-friendly nature. The recycled paper can hold the products in their exact orientation and prevent any displacement chances. We can use it to fill the gaps inside the packaging. These can also be used as liners for the trays, but their reusability feature makes them more popular.

  • Colored Kraft

The colored kraft material is more vibrant and diverse, making it easier to use if you want to add more design aesthetics and glorify the product packaging. Its usage is ideal for school materials and boards. Students love to see colorful papers applied on the encasing. The creative academies also acquire colorful kraft to enhance the appearance of prosthetics.

  • White or Bleached Kraft

White or bleached kraft cardstock, similar to virgin natural kraft in strength and durability, has a powerful impact when a sharp, spotless appearance is required. Many restaurants utilize white kraft as a beautiful and cost-effective alternative to silk napkins. It’s also suitable for wrapping and may be placed on the box to keep the product from getting damaged during delivery.

  • Printed Kraft

Custom printed kraft is used in various sectors to create customized wrapping, packaging, and in-store displays because of its adaptability and value. A business in the beauty industry will use custom kraft paper and ask the packaging firm to make them in a specific size. You also have the luxury to print the brand information, including the logo, slogan, or images on the paper to make it more relevant for the audience.

Although these kraft types differ in terms of properties and nature, you can use them for the good of your business and achieve all branding goals, making the venture profitable.

Kraft Paper Uses

We can’t downplay the importance of kraft cardstock because it directly benefits the businesses and offers them a way to pack the items in sustainable boxes and elevate their stature by following an environmentally-friendly approach. Following are some of the unique kraft paper uses that you can take inspiration from:

  • Wrapping of Items

Businesses use Kraft material to individually wrap objects because it provides a cost-effective layer of protection and offers durability you won’t get from other paper types. Manufacturers cover individual things in Kraft cardstock because they don’t want their products to suffer any possible damage. After all, it can have severe repercussions and negative customer feedback, damaging the business’s reputation.

When customers receive an item in flawless condition, they leave favorable comments and remain happy. We can also use kraft to pack precious gifts because of its neutral texture and professional look.

  • Void Filler

You can also use the kraft material to fill any gaps, apart from their usage in packaging boxes. The customers love the product adequately packed, so it doesn’t displace. The space inside the packaging box can cause many distractions and make the item unbalanced. Therefore, we can use kraft paper to fill the gaps and ensure that the item’s positioning is spot-on.

  • Snack Casing

Kraft is an excellent choice for holding the snacks and keeping them aligned. It’s recyclable and also environment-friendly, which makes its usage widespread. Whether you are running a food brand that sells burgers, chips, drinks, or whatever, you can get the custom printed kraft and imprint your brand name, logo, and colors to create a personalized association with the customers.

You can ask the packaging enterprise to apply the desired cuts and folds on the paper to be easily held in hand and give an exquisite look. The kraft is also safe to use and doesn’t contaminate the food.

  • Crafting

Kraft is a perfect choice for artistic work and can be used as a canvas. Its surface is appropriate for drawing, writing, and sketching. People of all ages can become creative and exhibit their design skills. For example, suppose the project requirement is to improvise with multiple colors. In that case, there is no limitation as the kraft paper comes in different shades, and you can choose the one that looks aesthetically appealing.

  • Protection of Books

The book covers are used to keep the internal pages of books and journals protected. The kraft paper is used as a cover because it’s cost-effective and keeps the damage threat away. The outer protective cover acts as a shield and safeguards the internal pages, keeping them protected.

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Prominent publications design the book cover as per their wish and add the required colors, images, and brief descriptions to make it more attractive and engaging.

In a nutshell, there’s no shortage of paper materials and cardstocks but, kraft has its distinct standing in the market owing to its versatility, valuable features, and environment-friendly characteristics. As a result, more and more businesses are now prioritizing the acquisition of kraft because it’s financially feasible, fulfills most packaging requirements, and gives a special look to the product, which is highly appreciated by the audience.

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