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It’s Sunny Once Again and We Have Some Outdoor Spring-Cleaning Chores

It’s that time of the year when the sun shines with all its might and the warmth it exudes is actually very welcoming. Yes, it’s spring finally! Yoo-hoo! Time to enjoy a warm sunny breakfast out in the open and stay outdoors for long hours of the day. So, when you’re going to spend so much time outdoors, don’t you think you ought to get this space ready for the fun and frolic? 

Essential outdoor spring-cleaning tasks

Mostly during the fall and the winter season, you neglect the outdoors. And it is natural because of the snow and salt that gather at this place. But since it is spring once again, you will be spending more time outdoors, and for that, you have to ensure that the place stays clean, non-slippery, and very safe for you and your family. You can either call the professionals from Flash Cleaning for house cleaning in Auckland or try it yourself. Though we would recommend you call them since they are trained in such tough cleaning tasks and even have the advanced amenities to do so. However, if you decide to carry out this task by yourself, following the below-listed task schedule is important to make your exteriors ready for the spring season:

  • Clean your porch and patio

Probably your porch and patio are the areas where you are going to bring your dining table and chairs. So, ensure that these are clean and sanitized. From the floor to the furniture and even the walls, you’ll have to deep clean the entire area to remove the remnants of snow and salt.

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  • The gutter maintenance

Gutter maintenance stays an important part of your spring cleaning. Most probably, it would be full of debris and dirt, and residues from molten ice/ snow. Just to ensure that your gutter is clean from these particles and the germs don’t get settled and spread from here, clean it thoroughly.

  • Trimming the garden

The real beauty of spring lies in the seasonal flora and fauna. Even your garden is hungry for your attention after all those cold months. Now since the sun is shining very bright, it is the perfect time to groom your garden better in order to see it flourishing within a very short span of time. And since you are going to spend more time outdoors, you will love the fresh breeze coming in from there. You can start by mowing your grass, trimming the shrubs, and planting new trees.

  • Wash the exterior area

The layer of ice that melted away left behind a slippery and salty surface on the ground. Washing it thoroughly is very important if you want your outdoors to be safe and clean. You have to go for a session of pressure washing in your garage, garden area, the exterior walls of your house, driveway, etc.

We are sure you have lots of parties and get-togethers lined up for this refreshing season. And you want your house to be totally welcoming for your guests. So, why don’t you follow the cleaning checklist and make your house a hot spot for making happy and warm memories?

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