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Popular Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Office Reception Area Neat & Tidy

Even though you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it’s difficult to apply the same principles when it comes to judging a business by the quality of its reception area. The reception area of your business is the primary aspect that a customer or a visitor notices when they enter your business premises. There’s no denying that your customers will judge your business based on what is kept in front of them. 

An inviting & clean reception area will always make a positive impression on the customer, clients and even the business employees. The following are some of the most brilliant ways through which you can maintain your office reception area spotless and highly welcoming to your visitors. 

Recommendations To Keep Your Office Reception Area Clean

  • Create Proper Space

According to a professional service provider for office cleaning in Bristol, a crowded & cluttered reception area will not only make the lives of your visitors difficult but also reflect poorly on your business principles & ethics. It will indicate that your business is disorganized and the premise space is limited. Even if your business falls under the small or medium-sized category, you can still make your reception area look bigger and better. 

The following are some wonderful tips that you can practice:

  • Take A Note Of The Clutter

In case your reception area is also doubling up as a space to keep all your business documents & equipment, then you have to find an alternate location to keep them. 

People Near White Counter Desk

  • Minimize Newspapers & Magazines

Placing magazines and newspapers in your reception area is a great way to keep your visitors engaged while they wait for their appointments. But, you shouldn’t get too over-board. Placing too many magazines or newspapers will make your reception area cluttered and unwelcoming. 

Moreover, don’t proceed to keep magazines or newspapers that are months or years old. Remember to refresh the collection at least once per month, so that you can keep your reception area look interesting & engaging. 

  • Remove The Reception Desk

If your reception area is too small to accommodate a reception desk, then you must get rid of it. Instead, use a mounted tablet or touch-enabled computer that the visitors can use to check into your business premises. 

  • Minimize Furniture

You should always opt for functional furniture sets that take up the least amount of space. Your visitors will not be spending much time waiting for their appointments, which means going minimal is the way forward. Minimalism will also maximize your reception space.

  • Keep The Floors Clean

If your reception area experiences high footfall over the day, this means that your flooring requires more frequent cleaning procedures. Ensure that you use doormats at the entrances and clean the carpets regularly. 

  • Eliminate Any Smells

Your reception area is bound to catch smells of coffee, cigarettes or lunch boxes. As a business owner, you have to reduce such weird smells as much as possible. Strong, lingering smells can easily influence the first impression of your business in the eyes of the visitor. 

We simply suggest banning the consumption of any food or smoking elements inside the reception area. Once done, you can proceed to use an essential oil burner inside your reception area so that visitors can always enjoy that pleasant odour. 

If you require more office cleaning suggestions such as these, be sure to get in touch with our experts today. 

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