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Make Your Office Space More Inviting With Plants

Many of us spend as much time in the office as we do at home, so why not liven up the place with some natural and artificial plants. Whether real or not, plants in the office can really add to the feeling of the room. One of the best ways to do that is by having the right plants in the office for that inviting feel. Your productivity levels will improve drastically when you have an inviting feel to the office, and your co-workers will feel the positive energy they emit. You will also feel more at home there, and you will not struggle to get settled in every day you come into the office. Below are some of the plants you should consider for your office space.

Neon Pothos

If you are looking for something that won’t take up too much space, you want to have this. It would help if you generally had a pot that hangs on one of the walls around the office. You don’t even need a large office to have this plant as it takes up no space on your floor. This is quite the ideal plant when you have a low-traffic office space.


You likely want something that will take up less space in your office. And this diva does that for you as it is one of the coolest small plants you can have in the office. Remember the Karate Kid? Yeah, that little plant that Mr. Miyagi was trimming was a Bonsai. When you have these pants, the downside is that it is one of the hardest to keep alive. As its nickname, ‘the Diva’ would suggest, you have something beautiful, and it will require a lot of your time and attention. They also take time to blossom and will reach maturity in about 10-years.

Fake Plants

Artificial plants are the answer if you are looking for something vibrant that’ll bring more colour to your office space. You can order fake plants from Melbourne that look vibrant and tropical without maintaining tropical temperatures. You can have a plant that brings in a rare shade of green and purple to your room, or bright yellow, all without the need to care and maintain it. Live plants need light, water, and space to grow. You don’t need to be concerned with any of that with artificial plants.

Peace Lilies

When you want some white in your office space and a touch of elegance, you want to have peace lilies. The good thing about having this plant in your office is that they don’t mind the air from the AC. In fact, they tend to enjoy the dry environments in the office where the AC is almost always on. It would help if you were watchful of pets in the office when you have these lilies, though. Your dogs or cats can get sick if they ingest the plant.

Snake Plant

A touch of green can give the office a natural feel about it; that’s what this plant gives you. This plant embodies the idea of an office plant as it is a low-light plant. The office won’t give too much light, and this plant will survive and thrive regardless. This is the kind of plant you may want to have in general working spaces as it can boost morale for a wide array of personalities.

Plants Can Be Inviting

If you want an inviting plant in your office, consider some of the options we have shared above. Most of the plants we listed, though sensitive, will give your office space that warm and inviting look it might be missing.

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