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3 Tips to Get More Responses Using Contemporary Resume Template

The most appreciative thing you want is to get a positive response from the hiring manager. This is very much possible and you can apply the same method in all cases using a contemporary resume template. Your resume will talk about you thus you should focus on this to make it worthy and appealing. 

You can make the best version of your resume using a contemporary resume template. These templates will guide you to put your information accurately in the places where it is required. In recent times, Human Resource managers use software to track the applicants. Therefore, your resume should be updated with the latest changes. 

Choose a theme 

If you are a job seeker and looking for a new position then you have to prepare an efficient yet appealing resume for yourself. You should do it according to a theme. Before selecting a theme for your resume you should check whether it is going with your job position or not. 

  • You can choose a basic color for your resume. You can choose a light pestle color for the general content of your resume and a darker shade of the same color for the content you want to highlight in your resume. 
  • You can add a photo theme to your resume if your job position permits that. Therefore, you can choose your theme as per your job position. But colored themes are the best for everyone. 
  • Using a contemporary resume template you can add infographic content to your resume to tell the recruiter about your experience and expertise. 

Focus on color coordination

After selecting a theme, you should focus on the colors. Blank or plain resumes are now becoming obsolete. If you want to get more positive responses from the recruiter then you should add a few shades of colors to your resume. You can even highlight the main content of your resume with colors. 

  • Vibrant resumes catch more attention of the hiring managers. Apart from the content, the overall look of your resume will get a positive response if you have used color coordination methods. 
  • To use this method, you have to select a basic color for your resume. You have to choose the dark shades of the same color to highlight the main content and the lighter shades for other general content of your resume. 

Add a QR code  

You can find QR codes in the contemporary resume template if you search for them. Adding a QR code to your resume will make it more advanced yet convincing to the recruiters. They will find you as an intelligent candidate who is aware of modern technology. You can add your LinkedIn profile through this QR or can show the recruiter your previous projects. 

Finally, showing the highlights of your career through the resume should be your main focus of yours, especially if you are looking for a change in your job profile. Using the latest resume templates can help you do these tasks efficiently. 

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