Everything you Need to Know About the Winter Pest Infestation!

Everything you Need to Know About the Winter Pest Infestation!

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As winter steps in you will find that various pests come in treating your home as theirs. The temperature drops outside and the pests come inside your home to find heat, comfort, and food. They may start making your house smell and feel bad. Not just that, they will enter your house as well, making things worse for you. So, this winter, prepare your house well and fortify it against the external agents that could cause destruction in your house and pest infestation.

So, who all can come into your house during winters and how to prepare against them? Have a look at some of the pests that may disrupt your peace during winter.

Pest Infestation who Become Active During Winters


One cannot call them pests, rats and mice fall into the rodent category as they are bigger and messier. Rodents can come into your house anytime, but during winters they come into the house looking for cozy shelter and good food. Just one small opening is enough for them to crawl into the house and cause havoc.

Moreover, if they don’t find any inlet, they make their own by gnawing at the wood. A small crack in the wood and can eat away the wood to make coin-sized holes to get in. They reproduce very fast and can make a big army of it. They don’t only infect, but also become vectors for different kinds of germs. If you have a rodent infestation in your house, the house will start smelling bad and dirty even if you clean it every day. This will require professional pest control service providers to help you out here.


Cockroaches don’t wait for the season. All they see is open food containers, leftover, stale food, crumbs, or juice can. You won’t have to give them any special invitation, as they will invite themselves home without any reason. But why they will find your house comfortable in winter is sole because they cannot tolerate lower temperatures. Once they come in during winter, they stay in your house for a long time hiding. It is for this reason you don’t notice them at all.

Having cockroaches at home can cause unhygienic conditions, as they carry a lot of germs in their prickly little feet. Those with breathing problems, allergies, or asthma, should take immediate steps to get rid of pest infestation immediately. Call the pest control services in Nirman Vihar to help you out here.

Beetles and stored pests

In winter, you will notice that most of your raw food items are going to waste. This is mainly because some pests such as beetles and stored pests become active. This is again because of the availability of food that brings them to your house. Annual pest treatment will help curb this problem to a good extent.

Airtight boxes, proper treatment of the clothes, daily cleaning of the curtains, carpets, etc. by vacuuming can make things better for you. Yes, winter can make you lazy but this will not help in staying away from the pests. They can come in from anywhere and disrupt your kitchen and house.

In winters, you will notice increased numbers of moths, silverfish, stink bugs, and beetles. They can rise up from the covered boxes, wardrobes, cabinets, etc.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs! Are you scared of them? Then during winters, you may make special arrangements for them as well. Even though they stay hidden in your bed all around the year, but it is during winter that you may find them quite active. It’s as if their appetite grows at this time ten times. You will lot of remedies to tackle bed bug bites, but it is best to take care of them with the help of chemicals.

No matter how hard you try, one or two may get left behind and multiply faster. Instead, you can call the pest exterminators, who will take care of these nuisances for you in the best possible way. If you don’t want severe rashes or skin allergies in winters, then we suggest you get the beds and other upholstery treated by the pest control company.

What to do?

To avoid these pests from wreaking havoc in your house during winter, we suggest you follow certain seasonal routines, which will help a lot. Keep the firewood at a safe distance from the ground, and trim vegetation so that, they don’t touch the house. Also, keep the food sealed in the best containers and vacuum the house at regular intervals as well.


Having these pests in your home can be a big nuisance. If you don’t want these small creatures to disturb your winter sleep, then you better try these tips to get rid of them. Better than that, you can call pest control services in Delhi. They will help you manage the pest Infestation in the house at all.

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