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Hairstyles with braids to get out of the routine | Endeavour Articles

Both for the most expert, and for those who still struggle with root braids, we collect original and easy options to change your hairstyle

The braid is an infallible resource to brighten up a hairstyle. Get out of the routine of the ponytails and the improvised buns. Of course, depending on the expertise we have with our hair. We will be more or less limited to reproduce the hairstyles with braids that best fit our style or tastes.

Both for the most expert, and for those who still struggle with root braids. We compile original and easy options that will take our hair out of the routine.

Original braids

If we master the classic three-strand braids and we want something more original. Both for our daily hairstyles and for special “looks”, we can choose some like these.

Semi-picked with volume

We reserve the upper section of the hair with a rubber band as a simple semi-updo. Then we make two small root braids, one on each side of the head, at a medium height. Being rooted involves adding hair by collecting the strands from the sides of the braid. So that it is attached to the head in the first part.

Once the two braids are done, we release the section of the hair that we had reserved and we carve it underneath to achieve volume. For this, we can help ourselves with a fixing or texturizing spray. Then we comb the hair back to the desired volume and temporarily hold it with two tweezers. To finish the semi-collected from behind, we hold each braid with hairpins with the end hidden inwards and placed one after the other.

3D braid or 4 sides

For those who already dominate braids such as spike and root, this option can be quite a challenge (we can also ask for it at the hairdresser). The result is spectacular and is achieved by playing with the strands in the corners at each crossing. To do this, we start by dividing the ponytail into two strands that we will keep until the end and we will divide the side strands in two, one will go over the top and the other underneath. Also, you can tie ponytail lemonade braids .

The key to this hairstyle is to maintain order and control with one hand those side locks that are what give the braid that original 3D effect. In fact, we will check it when we finish it and fasten it with the rubber: there is a kind of herringbone braid with four sides.

Semi-high pick up with root braids

For fans of the semi-collected to hold the hair in the day to day, here we have an original option that combines the high bun with the braids. In this case, it is about making two root braids in the upper section of the head, starting from the part in the middle and reaching the end of the crown.

From there we will only have to collect the excess hair from both braids in a relaxed and not very tight bun.

A similar option, but based on a single root braid, is that of this other semi-collected, also type «half bun».

Loose hair with side braid

If we control the root braids, this option will be easy and very attractive for day to day. We start with the hair combed to one side and we make a root braid on the other side. We can pinch it to open it so that it gains volume and we simply fasten it with a rubber band at the end. In this way we manage to hold the hair to one side with a subtle and not overdone hairstyle.

From the same hairstyle. We can also make a ponytail in which the braid can be seen, as if decorating the entire «look».

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