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‘S.N.L.’ Monologue Makes Kim Kardashian West Attack Herself

Getting to watch Kim Kardashian West host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend has been a dream for many people. The mixed feedback from some corners is surprising, as it seems like they’ve invited Elon Musk instead!

But Kardashian West, the savvy businesswoman and influencer from reality TV show fame who also happens to be a self-made entrepreneur with many other successful ventures under her belt – including being Kanye West’s ex-wife in what has been called one of Hollywood’s most high profile divorces–gamely poked fun at herself on “Saturday Night Live.”
In this lighthearted monologue that took satirical potshots at everyone involved (including friends), she surprised even herself when it was announced during a commercial break that yes indeed: KimKardashian = Host Running Late In Tonight Show Slot!

Kardashians are always in the news, but this time around they were on “Saturday Night Live.” On her first-ever hosting gig for S.N.L., Kim Kardashian West got to show America what she’s really made of: an entrepreneur-turned TV personality who can talk about anything with wit and wisdom because it mattered so much more than just looking good at any moment’s notice!

The monologue began by telling how surprised she was when asked if the host “to be like no way…I haven’t had a movie premiere or anything else come out lately”

She credited her dad, Robert Kardashian for stoking interest in social justice while also reminding audiences that he was on the O.J Simpson 1995 murder trial defense team
Miquela is an example of how people are embracing their true identities online and offline through use of technology to make it easier than ever before possible.

As someone who has known themselves as “just” Miquela since birth, she provides insight into what many may feel when they first come out at 16 years old but then grow up almost instantly because there were already three million other Instagram accounts like yours waiting— ready with responses if not better jokes so you don’t have time yourself!

“My father was and still is such an influence on my life,” Kardashian West said. “I credit him for opening up the world to me with his love of justice-oriented perspectives that inspired mine as well – it’s no secret how much Kanye loves having Black people around! And you want t know who else he introduced us too? His favorite rapper. He had four kids by this amazing woman so when they split custody went out the window because she couldn’t handle being away from her babies anymore.”

And in true “S.N.L.” style, Kardashian West wrapped up the monologue by biting back at those who have always been there for her and feeding them an earful of spitefulness! After a day full spent watching 10 million other people on TV watch as she does everything from going to premiere screenings to hosting award shows – it’s time just be with friends this evening, says our starlet-in-chief…

Celebrity riches embarrassment of the week

This one sketch, a send-up of reality dating shows would have been perfect for you to be in! If your agent can’t answer why they didn’t book any appearances this weekend let me know. I’m sure there are other opportunities out there where we could find some laughs together on camera or offstage (depending).

It seems that last week’s episode was all the rage when it came down to choosing celebrities who might make appearances at “Sidney Noll Live” during its upcoming broadcast next Saturday night; however, none were available except those already featured within…

The producer of the show is determined to win over Kim Kardashian, who has taken an interest in her production. The contestants are all hapless and confident that they can make it as well or better than their famous rivals for attention from this socialite celebrity.

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This week’s Freaky Friday

The Kardashian-themed episode of S.N.L., “The Switch,” features appearances by the members that are camera friendly and can do no wrong in America’s eyes: Kourtney, Kim (and baby north). The two trade bodies for what is supposed to be 24 hours until Bryant gets sick from lack of sleep! The Onion’s take on the Kardashian family has been a huge hit, with parodies from “The People’s Court” to “Saturday Night Live.”

Jokes of the week on Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che are back at the Weekend Update desk to share their thoughts on Facebook this week. This time, they took aim at whistle-blower Frances Haugen who testified about her experiences with internal research while also providing insight into how it may have impacted users around the world including those in India where over 80 million people were affected by May 2018’s blanket data collection scandal involving Cambridge Analytica LLC (a company that has since shut down).

Che picked up the thread on social media:

Instagram was unavailable for a day this week. Instagram addicts are forced to occupy their time with Twitter, TikTok, or hosting “S.N.L.” [Behind him, a screen showed an image of Kardash]

Jost began:

We found out this week that sometimes a guy in a hoodie can be dangerous. Documents show Facebook knew its platform was being used to spread hate and misinformation, but they hid the evidence. What’s strange is that I was at school with Mark Zuckerberg when he created Facebook. I feel awful. My dream is to be able to go back in time and find Mark when I was in college and ask, “Hey, man, can I work for your company? ”

He added:

Facebook has also denied a report that says using Instagram leads to negative body image. That’s why TikTok’s new slogan is “bring your fat arse here.”

He then noted some other media news, adding a personal touch:

Fox News celebrated its 25th birthday the same way I do: by paying white women to say some nasty things.

Week of going your own way

For many people, Lindsey Buckingham is best known as a silent guest on “S.N.L.,” but he should be recognized for the incredible musician that he truly is!
The late rocker has blessed us with so much music over his career—including hits like “Go Insane” and “Tighten Up.” And when you hear him sing in concert or see glimpses of performance art by way of awkward interviews at talk shows…well let’s just say it might have something to do with Bill Hader being in character?

After being cut loose from his old band, Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist Mick Fleet Foxworth has since released a new solo album. “SNL” finally let audiences hear Buckingham’s voice on the show—as sung by himself for Halsey’s performance of her song “Darling.” (Don’t worry – he still didn’t speak at goodnights!)

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