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Steps to make your iPhone as good as new in no time

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Don’t let go just yet!

Getting rid of your old phone can be a really difficult moment. It holds so many memories, the college party you went to last summer or your cousin’s birthday; it’s all in there. We would hate for you to lose those precious memories after selling your old phone.

 But what if there’s still hope for your new iPhone? What if you can still use it like it was brand new? Now, that would be a great possibility!

Here is the good news. You can fulfill that possibility by following these easy tips and tricks that will make your whole iPhone experience even better and worthwhile.

Here’s what you need to do

Apple releases new models every year, which tempts users to buy the upgraded model and ditch their old phones. Besides putting a dent in your pocket to buy the “trendy” model, it isn’t much different. 

So we suggest not letting go of your old phone just yet and giving it a new lease of life by following these steps:

  • Invest in a trendy new phone case

One reason you might be tired of your old phone might be you seeing the same color phone case for over two years—what are you waiting for? Get an upgrade already!

We suggest investing in new and chic phone cases, possibly from techy. They have an awesome variety of phone cases to match your aesthetics and give your phone a new look. Grab yours from any techy outlet near you today! 

  • Delete backed-up data from the phone

There’s no harm in deleting photos and files from your device if it’s already backed up on the cloud (not the rain cloud, the other one). 

Your data is completely secure on iCloud, and it won’t go anywhere, but if you also run out of iCloud storage, bummer! You take too many selfies.

However, it’s still okay that iCloud+ offers additional storage, which you can also purchase. 

If you do not want to spend money, transfer all the data to your laptop. Easy peasy! 

  • Customize your home screen

With the new iPhone update, you can customize your home screen in the styles YOU want; how dope is that? 

You can edit the app icons with colors of your own choice to make your iPhone feel less bland and more personalized.

  • Get the broken screen fixed ASAP!

If you’ve been living with a broken screen and want to change your iPhone, the better option is to get the screen replaced. Techy can help you repair your iPhone screen.

But do you know which option would be even safer? Using a screen protector. It will reduce the risks of your iPhone screen being broken in the first place. 


Follow these simple steps to revive your phone and make it as good as new.

 If you still need more than your phone because of other internal issues, visiting any techy outlet near you will be a great idea. They are pros for cell phone repair and iPhone repair near you.

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