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The 1960s Feel? Leap Back Through Time With These Baroque-Style Home Ideas

Dating all the way back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the baroque style was first recognized by its elaborate and intricately designed interior, depicting utmost extravagance, class, and elegance. The said design is a manifestation of status, grandeur, and power.

Lately, the designs of the past have resurfaced even with the prevalence of minimalism and modern homes. The baroque style most likely involves showcasing the over-the-top floor-to-ceiling designs, rich and lustrous choice fabrics to the trade, luxurious patterns, carved ceiling, pillars, doors to furniture, textiles that are richly woven, grand chandeliers, and enormous sized mirrors.

Carved Pieces Of Furniture

Extravagance is the word for baroque style. Upon choosing your furniture, it is important to choose furniture that has intricately carved figures. Furniture that manifests rich taste and texture.

It is given to splurge on every item as a prerequisite of baroque style. Consider sofa sets with fabrics to the trade upholstery. Varying from velvet to silky textures, soft to rough embroidered fabrics to the trade. The top rail of the sofa set and other types of the chair has usually opulent furnishing, carved in delicate features. The leg should be in a curved figure, having the slightest feature of the top rail.

One thing that you also must put into consideration is your choice of cabinets and shelves. The storage of your kitchen all the way to your bedroom and any parts of your room.

Exquisite Ornaments         

Since extravagance is what denotes baroque, one way to achieve this is to accessorize your place with exquisite ornaments such as, chandelier, grandfather clock, candelabrum and lampstand, portraits and paintings, a couple of sculptures, enormous arched or round-shaped mirrors with elaborate moldings, and other vintage figures that adds luxury to the space. 

The Right Choice of Fabrics

Fabrics to the trade are noticeable features of the place. While it might seemingly have a lesser impact, it mostly composes and what makes the place. We have mentioned earlier to choose top upholstery fabrics for the trade. This does not only limit to the furniture, particularly the sofa set but this includes the lush carpets, matching cushions and throw pillowcases, and brocade, plain or patterned curtains.

This also includes your choice of linens for your bedrooms and guest rooms. The Create Fabrics shop has various types of fabrics to the trade. Varying from fabrics to the trade for the upholstery, all the way to the curtains and other types. Explore our fabrics here for more inquiries about your fabrics needs and other fabrics to the trade services.

Luscious Colors

Rich and luscious colors are top choices for baroque style. If your preference is bold and intimidating features, go for warmer and dark tones. If you see yourself in an airy and refreshing surrounding, go for brighter and softer hues.

Beautifully made wallpapers are also common occurrences in baroque style, in fact, allow a space for a room design with the wallpaper. That way, it allows elegance and exquisite features of the space.

Color coordination is present in baroque style. Hence choose fabrics to the trade, furniture, painted walls, and textiles that best compliment each other. Upon considering which color to add, allowing three to four types of colors would best fit the description.

Five Star Fine Dining

The kitchen area should be your focal point for Baroque style. A chandelier on the center, an island while the cabinetry has a single colored theme. To better emphasize, go entirely monochrome for your kitchen and allow a numbered amount of other colors into the space.

In order to make the dining room recognizable as a baroque style, there should be size appropriation—hence perfect for spacious rooms otherwise it will make the room cramped and looking claustrophobic for bulky furniture. Smooth should be the outline for the furniture which is usually characterized by ottoman chairs, countertops, and tables that are decorated with mosaic. As for the surface, marble floors are best fitted to extract soft features.

If you see yourself in an elegant, exquisite setting and a glimpse of the past, the baroque style is definitely suited for you. An indication of rich taste and the love of art and its details. An expression for grandeur in sculptor, painting, and exuberance—art in totality. Basically a symbol of class, elegance, and power, but more importantly its whimsical design is a feast for the eye.

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