Top 5 Tips for Managing Time Effectively

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Everyone today wants to manage their time in an effective way. But you must know that time management is not as easy as it looks. You would be surprised to know that more than 70% of employees in all kinds of industries admit that they end up wasting the majority of their time just because they don’t know how to manage their work and different activities. 

Social media, mobile phones and other web elements play an important role in distractions and wasting of time. We have seen some people using time calculator tools to monitor their day to day work routine. Other than using online time calculator tools, there are also some tips that can help you manage your time without any hassle.

Five tips that can help you manage your time!

Follow these effective and helpful tips for managing your time and increasing productivity.

  • Set regular reminders for all your daily tasks 

One of the common reasons why you might be facing trouble in time management is that you don’t know about deadlines for different tasks that you have to complete. So the first thing we would suggest is to make sure that you know your deadlines and set reminders according to these deadlines. You can set a reminder or an alarm that can alert you at least fifteen minutes before you have to start a certain task so that you can prepare well and finish your work on time. You can record your time for each task with a time calculator and set reminders and alerts for deadlines according to the calculated time effective .

  • Create and follow a daily planner

Now the second most important tip we would give you is to create a daily planner. This can use online tools like Google calendar and create plans for all your week or month. You can plan not only your professional tasks but also your personal commitments. You have to make tasks assigned to you for a certain day and add them to your daily planner. In this way, you would be reminded and would be aware of the work you have to complete in a day. You can check off all the tasks as you complete them.

  • Each task should be given a proper time limit

When you are planning your daily tasks, you need to make sure you set realistic deadlines for each task. You need to think about the tasks you have to complete and how much time it would take to complete a certain task. You can also take help from online time calculator tools to calculate and set a proper time limit. Setting a time limit is very important if you want to manage your time and all your tasks in an effective way.

  • Block out distractions that can ruin your plan

As we have told you before, notifications, calls, messages and social media alerts are the biggest source of distraction which can simply waste your time and efforts. So the best tip that would help you manage your time would be to remove or block out distractions. You need to turn off your email notifications, social media alerts, and other destructive elements. It would be ideal if you could turn off your mobile so that you won’t get disturb by unnecessary calls and messages. You can check your phone after every two or three hours instead of checking it after every few minutes. This would surely save a lot of your time. You can use the time duration calculator to find out how much time you spend on mobile.

  • Establish a healthy routine and follow it consistently 

To manage your time, you need to set a proper routine. If you have not set a routine, then there is no way. That you can successfully manage your time and complete all your tasks. You can establish a proper work routine with formal time constraints. For that, you can take help from time finder calculators and set time for all your tasks. Experts recommend that all your tasks and time periods should be set for the day. Sleeping early and getting up early is the best way to stay active all day and complete different tasks. 


Here in this article, we have discussed the best time management tips. You must understand the fact that prioritizing your work. And completing tasks on time would provide you with a sense of achievement. You need to set daily goals and reward yourself with different things so that you can improve your time management. Thanks to online tools like time calculators, you can get a lot of help in managing your time!

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