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Learn Ux Design Course In Delhi

What is UX Design?

User Experience Design or UX Design is concerned with the experience the product or service offers to its users. The objective of the UX Design is designing products (both digital as well as physical) that offers proficient functionality & an enthralling user flow through configuration of diverse applications, wireframing of components along with prototyping such that it enhances customer satisfaction and hence ensures loyalty.  UX Designer researches & understands the end users needs, psychology, their behaviour, motivations, preferences etc. and thus develops a product that provides user-friendly, convenient, valuable and intuitive experience.

Essential Skill requirement:

In order to learn UX Design, you must develop the following skills:

Develop the following skills:

  • Investigative skills to understand the market, customer etc.
  • Constructing wireframes and prototypes
  • Artistic skills to craft stimulating & efficient visual communication that is as per client’s requirement
  • You should be equipped in diverse programming languages, Information Architecture & coding skills
  • To ensure error free product and immaculate user experience, you should be patient and must have an eye for detail
  • Adherence to deadlines along with organizational skills to manage multiple projects.
  • Communication along with interpersonal skills so to collaborate with teams from diverse departments along with managing of varied stakeholders.
  • The main goal of any design concept is to give your customer an immersive product experience. Prior to starting your project, you must understand your end user, his motivations, on opening a site or an app, what does he looks for etc.


Responsibilities of UX Designer:

  • Designing a concept that is aligned as per the requirements of the client. He is also accountable for ensuring that his team works to convert this concept into a reality.
  • Research & Analysis defines every step in UX Design: UX Designer is involved with competitive as well as market analysis so as to understand the trends ensuing in the market and design a product that is relevant to the changing times. Furthermore, basis the research & analysis of customer, UX designer recognizes the inspirations & inclinations of the end user and consequently devises the efficient and delightful functionality of the product.
  • Utilizing Information architecture, Wire-framing and Prototyping, he ensures that the customer is able to achieve his goals by locating the information effortlessly
  • Cooperating with varied teams like UI designers, developers, product managers & other stakeholders so as to offer an splendid & awe-inspiring product experience


UX course:

Identify that college for completing UX Design Course that ensures:

  • Recognised Professional certification from accredited college
  • Industry exposure through industry visits, participation in competitions, internships, interactions with industry experts and live projects etc. for the students
  • Curriculum must make sure that students are equipped with an understanding of emerging tech, human behaviour, systems thinking, visual design, programming, etc.
  • The college must ensure that students gain capabilities in managing complete product development cycle-Commencing from problem definition, to conceiving a solution, to prototyping, to evaluation and its final delivery.
  • Curriculum must offer competencies in building wireframes, graphic and web designs, basic programming skills, programming languages, software, prototypes, analytical skills etc.
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