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What role does a master’s degree in clinical research play?

Clinical research assesses the human body in health and disease, and it also includes the study of body tissue or behavioural health. It also enables healthcare professionals to develop new therapies, medical devices, and diagnostic procedures to improve patient care. Clinical research has played a significant role in developing the vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The professionals involved in clinical research are highly qualified with M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

An M.Sc. in clinical research typically takes two-year to complete while offering experimental learning with an updated comprehensive curriculum. Core courses include the following modules within four-semester coursework:

  • Management of Clinical trials
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Drug discovery and Development
  • Biostatistical Methods in Clinical Research
  • Artificial Intelligent(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) in Healthcare
  • Advanced Epidemiologic
  • Biopharmaceutics
  • Medical Writing

Students can also opt for electives based on their interests, including advanced courses as electives. Pursuing a master’s in clinical research can prove to be an intensive and rigorous degree. Now that you know about the content of a master’s degree in clinical research let us understand its role.

Role of Master’s degree in Clinical Research

Earning a master’s degree in clinical research can offer you an edge and help you stand out from the competition. A master’s degree can have a multitude of advantages.

  1. Enhances Employability

The increasingly growing medicine field highly relies on clinical researchers to efficiently analyse and diagnose illnesses and their causes. In such a scenario, a master’s degree can equip clinical research professionals with advanced knowledge and skills that enhance their employability. An individual with a master’s degree in clinical research has a plethora of career options to choose from. Here are some of the popular job roles after a Master’s in clinical research:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Biostatistician
  • Medical Advisor
  • Clinical Research Analyst
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Scientist
  • Medical Advisor

Potential employers often look for research professionals with a post-graduate degree because of their comprehensive knowledge and skills.

  1. Offers Professional Specialisation

Through the rigorous two-year learning of theoretical and practical aspects of clinical research, the students gain expertise in their subject. They play a very vital role in the relevant field. Their specialised knowledge can contribute towards writing drug trial methodologies, briefing the team of investigators, and designing trial materials.

  1. Develops competency to plan, design, and analyse clinical studies

Planning, designing, and analysing in clinical studies form the heart of the research industry. Besides doing the actual practical experiment, the process requires hard work to present authentic research. A master’s in clinical research is an academic programme that provides a platform for the holistic development of aspiring and ambitious research professionals.

  1. Contribution to drug development processes

The knowledge gained during the master’s course in clinical research can also be applied to drug development. Drug development is one of the most vital aspects of the healthcare industry, and thus clinical research plays a critical role.

  1. Advances knowledge and skills in clinical research fields

Clinical research is a highly dynamic and fast-growing field that often looks for individuals with advanced knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. Thus, the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired during the master’s programme can positively influence the ongoing and new research in the medical field.

If you aspire to earn a post-graduate degree in clinical research, you can look for top-notch colleges in India offering this programme. The courses are tailor-made according to the needs of the students. Log on to our website now to learn more about the master’s degree programme in clinical research!

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