Is Project Management a Good Career Choice?

Is Project Management a Good Career Choice?

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  • A good reputation
  • Huge Salary
  • Great position
  • Good Job Role
  • A valuable asset of the company
  • Always in demand
  • Can work in any industry
  • Change Agent 
  • Passionate
  • Organized
  • Goal-oriented

Can you guess which job role is being discussed here? 

So many adjectives for one role!!

It should be Project Management!!!

Isn’t it?

So in this article, you will get the answer to your question, ‘is project management a good career?’

Before moving towards making a career choice, let’s first understand the job role of a project manager clearly. 

Who is a Project Manager?

According to the leading certification body of Project Managers, the Project Management Institute, a project manager is an individual who understands clearly their strategic role in the way organizations can learn, succeed, and change as well as what projects have in common. Typically, as a Project Manager, you will look after the projects that can drive success. 

Project Managers are referred to as ‘change agents’ by PMI. You will utilize your expertise, skills, and knowledge to inspire a perception of shared purpose within the project management team. You will face new challenges while executing your projects and will be accountable for driving desired business results. 

The basic tasks you will be supposed to perform as a Project Manager include planning, arranging or organizing, monitoring, securing, leading, controlling, and managing resources to attain specified business objectives. You will have to work on strategies to start the project, assess and understand the requirements of the project, analyze and come up with a designated team on board, and evaluate the progress of the work consistently. 

Apart from these basic duties, some other tasks that you will have to perform include:

  • Work on skill sets required for the project
  • Estimate the budget of the project
  • Divide the project into smaller chunks and schedule the time frame for each of them
  • Lead meetings in order to keep track of the project progress
  • Decide on the ways of completing the work 
  • Maintain the culture of the team as well as the organization
  • Make a report on progress to present it to stakeholders

It might be difficult to handle multiple projects at a time but with proper training and certification, you can acquire the skills required to accomplish the tasks. 

According to the PMI, the following are the responsibilities of a Project Manager:

  • To define the scope of a project in the way it is aligned with the business requirements and goals
  • To plan and manage each step or task throughout the project to make sure that these steps are completed within the defined time frame
  • Monitor the resources of a project that also includes the time of project team members
  • To communicate and give a report on every status of the project to concerned stakeholders effectively
  • To predict and eliminate the hurdles
  • Document each step of the project by using various project management tools
  • Make sure that successful closure with the top quality of the project is achieved

After getting an overview of what it looks like to be a project manager, let’s look at some of the most important reasons for pursuing a career in this domain.

Why Project Management?

Something Amazing:

According to Forbes, if you choose to become a Project Manager, you have taken one of the ‘wisest and timeliest decisions’. 

Let’s look at the reasons. 

  • Project Managers are highly in demand

The Project Management Institute predicts that there will be around 25 million new job openings for managerial roles by the year 2030. This means the global economy would require 2.3 million project management-oriented professionals every year to fulfill the demand. 

This means that you get a lot of opportunities to shift your career in this domain.

  • Project Managers are required in various industries

Rather you can say project managers are required in all the industries. Being a Project Manager, you can choose to be in the industry of your choices such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, finance, banking, insurance, business services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, logistics, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications, and utility services, and that too, around the world. So you can choose to be in your favorite geographic location as well as your favorite sector. 

  • Project Managers can handle a multitude of tasks

Of course, becoming a project manager was not easy enough. With rigorous training and you eventually acquire prospective project management skills that make you capable of handling a multitude of tasks that are required to get the task done, with the least hustles.

  • Project Managers earn huge Salaries

When choosing to establish your career, salary is one of the most important factors. Obviously, seeing the demand for project managers across the globe, properly skilled and certified ones enjoy huge salaries. 

The average annual salary of a Project Manager, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 59,680 at an entry-level in the US.

The national average salary of a Project Manager, according to ambition box, is around INR 14.2 lakhs and may go as high as INR 26 lakhs or more. 

  • Project Managers get opportunities for advancement

When your career provides you with numerous opportunities for advancements, what can be a better career choice?

This career domain provides you with immense opportunities for growth and advancement. With specialized training, certifications, and experience, you can expect to earn double your initial salary or even more. 

  • Project Managers can make a difference

According to the PMI, Project Managers are the ones who drive the change in an organization. So, as a Project Manager, you can bring a difference to your company by impacting the bottom line as well as the morale of your company. 


That said if you wish to initiate or shift your career in the field of project management, you can always take up an online training course. An online training course, like that of Simplilearn, makes sure that you get a firm grip over popular project management tools, methodologies, and best practices. This will allow you to advance your career in this domain. 

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