What Jobs Can You Get With A Graphic Design Degree?

What Jobs Can You Get With A Graphic Design Degree?

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Imagine getting a job where you can use your creativity, imagination, and artistic instincts to the full extent. A career in graphic design can fulfil all the above criteria you are looking for in a job description. In today’s digitized world, every business depends on organized and attention-catching websites and designs to stay relevant.  

Graphic designing opens plenty of career opportunities that enable you to use your skills to enhance the visual appeal of products and pages. A BA in Graphic Design equips you with essential professional skills to succeed in the creative industry.

The industry requirements are large and the options for graphic designers are increasing every day. Here are some of the popular career choices for graphic designers.

  • Creative director

As a creative director, you will be in charge of the creative department of an organization handling the advertising and marketing sections. You must develop and design concepts and strategies for various projects accompanied by other designers and artists in the team. Brainstorming creative ideas according to the requirements of the clients or businesses and planning out innovative campaigns falls under the responsibilities of a creative director.

  • Multimedia designer

The primary responsibility of a multimedia designer is to create attractive content for various media platforms. It may include designing for websites, advertisements, television etc. You have to create digital images, animation videos and much more according to the specifications provided. Researching materials to produce accurate designs and animations for specific needs are the duties of a multimedia designer.

  • Product developer

A product developer is responsible for developing new products and improvising existing ones according to the needs of the clients. You have to conduct thorough research and come up with ideas on how to develop and design a specific product. A product developer heads the whole designing process and ensures that the final output meets the set standards.

  • UX designer

A much sought-after job in the 21st century, a UX designer is responsible for designing interactive programs that enhance the user’s experience while navigating through a digital product or page. You must understand user behavior patterns and design products accordingly to improve the overall experience of a user, thereby improving brand visibility. Tech giants like Google, Meta, Apple, etc. hire UX designers on a regular basis to welcome more innovative ideas into the context of improving user satisfaction.

  • Production artist

The production artist is the final check before a product goes live. As a production artist, you are the ultimate checkpoint in the design process and ensure the quality and accuracy of a file before it gets published. You must have creative and technical skills to ace this role as the pre-flight formatting of every file is your responsibility.

As the technological world is taking its first steps to enter the metaverse, the demand for graphic designers will be higher than before. So, if you believe you have the creativity and patience to work in this sector, a graduate certificate in graphic design is the best choice for you.

This article is written by Anu Augustine.

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