5 Recipes to Get You Drinking - Even While On the Go!

5 Recipes to Get You Drinking – Even While On the Go!

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Getting dehydrated throughout the day as you decrease your water intake? Let’s face it – water can be boring. It’s generally flavorless, and bottled water doesn’t stay cold enough throughout the day to stay refreshing.

If you’re tired of that same old bottle of water you carry around everyday, try out these fun-filled recipes that will get you drinking and hydrating more! These recipes are easily adaptable for bottled water, so you can take your hydration on the go. Bottled water is good for infused water as the convenience of the single-serve container keeps the water fresh all day long!

1.  Honey “Lemonade” Water

Can’t get enough of this summertime staple? You don’t need to find a lemonade stand to enjoy the refreshing, sweet taste of lemonade – you can make a healthier version at home without all the added sugars and artificial flavorings.

Simply cut up your lemons into small slices to fit into your water bottle. Add 2-3 teaspoons of fresh honey (we recommend clove or orange honey) for a touch of sweetness without the sugar spike, and add in your fresh purified, mineral, or spring water. Let the bottle sit for at least an hour, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthier version of lemonade that will leave you refreshed! This page has more information about exotic snacks and drinks!

2.  Strawberry Mint Refresher

Strawberries and summer make a great combination as the fruits ripen within the warmer months. They create a natural sweetness that infuses in your water so that you don’t need to add any more sugar into your drink.

Slice up your strawberries and place them in your water bottle. Finely chop your mint leaves, and add them to your water bottle as well. You can add a few slices of oranges as well – this is optional but much recommended for a deeper fruit flavor. Top your bottle off with water, and let the water infuse overnight. The next morning, you’ll have a refreshing fruit, berry drink!

3.  Cucumber Cooler

Here’s a recipe for those that just can’t stand room temperature water: cucumber is a fantastic cooler and will regulate your body temperature during the heat of the summer months. You can freeze cucumber and green apples into ice logs that fit right into your plastic water bottle to keep your drink cool, and provide you with a flavor boost as the ice melts.

Simply chop up your cucumber and green apple slices, and place them in an ice cube tray meant to create ice logs that fit in narrow bottle openings. Next, you’ll need to fill the ice tray with water, and freeze the entire thing overnight. The next morning, add a couple of these ice sticks to your water, and enjoy a refreshing cooler throughout the day.

4.  Citrusy Electrolyte Water

Did you know that citrus and salt are great for drinks other than chasers? Oranges, lemons, limes, and even grapefruit provide nutrients in water that you would get in electrolytes, so these make for terrific ingredients for your hydration at the gym.

Place slices of your favorite citrus fruits in a bottle, and fill it up with water. Add a small sprinkle of Himalayan salt as a catalyst, and let the water infuse for at least an hour before you hit the gym. Fill up on electrolytes as you hydrate yourself after a workout, jog, run, or any other strenuous exercise.

5.  Peachy Tea Bottled Water

Taste the honeyed sweetness of peaches and nectarines with this caffeine-free peachy tea on the go. If you’re a fan of sweet tea but hate the sugar spike and caffeine that go with it, this recipe is for you!

Pick your favorite flower tea. Most flower teas are caffeine-free, and won’t dehydrate you, but be sure to pick a tea without any added black or green teas. Fit the tea bag into your bottle, and add in some chopped up peaches. Fill the bottle with water, and let it sit overnight     to steep the tea. Drink up the next day, and you can even add some honey for a slight sweetness!

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