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A Guide to Pre-Paid Legal Services

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As our world becomes extremely unsafe, it makes sense to make safety or prevention a priority. As health or car insurance is important, likewise legal plans are also very important to survive. There are pre-paid legal plans for the help of clients. Pre-paid legal plans can be defined as an arrangement where one person pays on behalf of his employees in advance for legal services they need. A client pays a certain amount as fees monthly or annually against legal services. They can avail of these services when needed. It is not necessary to have a family or personal lawyer; pre-paid legal services are the best defense against anything that has to do with the law. For UAE, Dubai Lawyers or Lawyers in Dubai are the coolest and top professionals of law.

Pre-Paid Legal Services

Pre-paid legal services can be divided into two parts: basic and comprehensive services. The basic prepaid legal plan may include office discussions, legal guidance, and preparation of some legal documents such as a will or contract. The comprehensive prepaid legal services can cover hearings, liquidation or bankruptcy, settling marital quarrels, etc. if we take the example of UAE, the legal consultants of dubai working with law firms offer the best pre-paid legal services to their clients ranging from solving small to larger problems. The experts are highly trained in every field and are always available for the assistance of their clients.

Is it worth having a Legal Plan?

Is it worth having a legal plan? Now-a-day’s people are very conscious of their legal rights. They are well aware of their surroundings and know to take legal actions if they are facing any issue. So we can say safety is better than the cure when people know their rights under the law, they can avoid turning minor problems to the big ones. Legal consultants in dubai offer basic plans of prepaid services on the telephone or online. They can easily be accessible from home. This can benefit both consultants and clients. The clients can take legal guidance on each step before starting anything to avoid trouble in the future. This can be very beneficial to the client in making progress in any particular area. A pre-paid legal services plan is the decision for you and your family.

Structuring your Business

Whether you are starting a new small business from home or operating a new large company, all you need to do is decide the structure of your business according to the needs of the company. There are basic four types of business structure: sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporations, or limited liability companies. The type of structure can be decided by the type of business you own, the size of the business, and several other factors. To make a good choice one must consult a business lawyer.

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The first option is sole-proprietorship in which there would be only one owner of the company. This has one advantage that there is no need for legal requirements to form this structure and you can start up with a very little amount. The disadvantage to this structure is that you are only responsible for any debt incurred by the company. For example, if there comes a need to sue your company, your personal assets are used to pay off against your company. In partnership, there are two or more individuals who own the business and these individuals must choose not to incorporate. There is a need for legal filing, in this case, all the parties must sign an agreement regarding all the responsibilities of decision making, financial conditions, and profit and losses of each partner.

If you want to form a corporation, it is important to know that each state sets forth its own requirements for creating a corporation. One advantage to having a corporation is that liability is limited to what a person puts into the company, and each owner does not have to worry about his personal assets to pay off the company’s debt. If you are forming any of your business structures in UAE, the legal consultants in dubai can guide you to the best of their knowledge. They have all the legally relevant information with them for your guidance and support.

The last one is the limited liability company. In this structure, owners are not personally responsible for the company’s debt yet they are also capable of running the company without corporate meetings. The only disadvantage with this structure is a lot of paperwork and legal contracts must be needed with the help of attorneys. Legal consultants in dubai are well experienced and trained in making all the legal documents without delays, and are always available for assistance.

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