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Get Yourself the Best Custom Suit from Savile Row Tailors

Every gentleman should invest in at least one custom or made-to-measure suit during his lifetime; there are few pleasures more satisfying than slipping on a jacket and having it fit perfectly. Although the introduction of e-tailoring services has pushed some men online, there’s no doubt that Savile Row tailor-made suits are still the greatest in the world.

It is always a good idea to come prepared, as it gives your tailors a better opportunity of making you happy and stylish. We spoke to specialists on the most sartorial of London streets about everything you should keep in mind when getting fitted.

Why do you need a suit from Savile Row?

You need to have clear perceptions regarding the need for the suit. Why do you want it? Is it for business attire or wedding purpose? Do keep in mind that the suit you order from Savile row tailor for work will be different compared to the one you would love to wear at your wedding ceremony. Once you know your purpose, you will be able to explain to the tailor the ideal bespoke suit.

When and where will you wear the suit? Because the choice of material is nearly endless, considerations such as climate, humidity, and whether you’re having it made for business or leisure can aid the bespoke suit maker in making a recommendation.

Have patience

Bespoke suits take time to get designed, handmade and delivered. The process takes time because you are getting something truly unique. There are limitless ranges of materials available, and so are the designing options. Therefore, relax, sit back and enjoy the experience. Take your time and consider all the cloth options, lining and styling details. Talk to the bespoke suit tailor regarding your requirements. Ask for suggestions. It will help you figure out the best options accordingly. It may take a number of weeks to get your bespoke suit designed, cut, stitched and basted for your first fitting. Trust me when say, it is most definitely worth the wait!

Focusing on the details

Since you are going for custom-tailored suits, the finer details are what matter most. Ask your Savile row tailor about any design details that cross your mind. This is your chance to construct the ultimate suit, with side adjusters instead of belt loops, functional buttons on the cuffs, and ticket pockets, among other features. Do not overlook the tiny details.

Timeless style never fades

Certain elements in fashion are ageless; everything eventually goes out of style and the fashion cycle is completed. However, owing to the high quality and timeless fit, bespoke suits never go out of fashion; on the contrary, demand continues to grow. Suit colours and styles may change, but tailored apparel is adept at adapting to any fashion changes and delivering the greatest results. Bespoke garments, by virtue of their construction, are also easy to alter and adapt to changing styles making them timeless and something that can be passed on from one generation to another.


A custom-fitted suit is an excellent purchase because it will be unique and will fit you perfectly. It can also be easily adapted to changes in your body shape or changes in style over time. Just ask your Savile row tailor to get it designed and made as per your body structure and incorporate all the finer details you can only get from a bespoke suit.

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