Coatings Make Custom Hair Extension Boxes Inspiring- Here's How

Coatings Make Custom Hair Extension Boxes Inspiring- Here’s How

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Using custom hair extension boxes to increase sales is one of the best marketing strategies. And with the right features you may land the perfect deal. Customers love a good unboxing experience, and with the right materials, you are looking to expand your custom features on Extension Packaging.

You can even lure customers, which is a double punch for new extension brands. Your extension boxes deserve a nice finish, a nicer and much better option than dull customised hair extension packaging.

To do so, in an artistic guide to making custom extension boxes, coating is one of the vital processes.

Coating on a custom hair extension boxes will give you all the brand visibility you will ever need. With their attractive surfaces, you can shine on the shelf with confidence in your packaging.

With this effect of coating, are you still hesitating to use that extra money? If yes, then this blog will teach you reasons why custom coatings on hair extension boxes make you shine brighter on the shelf, or at the doorstep of a customer!

What Is Coating on Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

Coatings are the implementation of a finish, whether it be for protective purposes, or designing to make the printing of a logo look better. They cover the outer, and sometimes the inner part of your packaging, and give a matte, smooth, glossy, or semi matte font depending on the type you’ve chosen.

They are of different types. A lot of standard extension coatings, as well as luxury coatings are available.

Some are:

  1. UV Coating
  2. Matte Finish
  3. Gloss Finish
  4. Semi-Matte Finish
  5. Lamination

Can You Coat on Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

Yes, you can absolutely Coat On your custom hair extension packaging with a unique coating option. Especially with the right material, custom coatings on hair extension packaging becomes a must.

This is also one of the reasons why GCB offers sleek finishes to kure customers in with custom hair extension boxes. They are the true key to having luxury boxes with a more sophisticated look. Coatings are also used on various hair extension boxes because of their versatile packaging design features.

 Custom Hair Extension Boxes

These are successful traits of a custom box for hair extension when choosing to market with them.

3 Simple Steps to Coat on Custom Extension Packaging

The process of coating custom boxes is often a rough task. But with the right choice of cosmetic packaging manufacturers with the right technologies, you can coat your custom hair extension boxes the right way.

Using coating types with protective properties also means going that extra mile. However, this process becomes easier with the right company. Choosing one such as GCB, you get the option to have sleek fishes on the best packaging material, with no hustle.

The free quote options on many sites allow you to have a luxury look, with the right coating on a custom hair extension box.

Here is how you coat custom hair extensions boxes.

But it is to be noted that you need high quality technologies, and the right cosmetic packaging company to implement this.

Choose The Right Coating

This step is often ignored as the various styles and dimensions change the mind of custom packaging for hair extension manufacturers. Long term projects, especially when you know your hair extension boxes are not going to be used right away, requires a bit more care.

But when you know that your custom packaging for extensions will be selling like hot cakes, you might want to spend more money on things like Gloss Varnishing on hair extension boxes. These are the coatings with the lowest price point.

While lamination on hair extension boxes either mean you are giving the maximum protection to your customised hair extension boxes, or either you are finding ways to have more budget in your final order on custom boxes.

Make The Extension Box of High-Quality

Often, the right coating is not enough. The packaging needs to be right too. Didn’t get what we meant? The packaging material of a custom hair extension box is very vital if you want to be seen as a trustworthy brand.

Half of the consumers choose to judge your hair extensions with the way the box looks, or feels. For this, you need to choose both the materials with the highest caution

For example, mailer boxes are already rigid hair extension packaging. They don’t require extra protection. So, choosing an option like varnishing or UV or AQ Coatings will cost you less, and it will increase the aesthetic value of your brand.

Attract Attention with Finishes on Logo

The next step is to determine where your coatings will be implemented. Whether it’s in the entire custom hair extension packaging, which is a bit more expensive, or just significant parts of your custom hair extension packaging.

Like the logo! Where your brand’s name will be represented for the whole of Sephora shelfs to see. This is why you need to choose widely on how your coatings will go in the design phase. This can heavily make your packaging impact full, plus, it’ll cost you the right way.

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