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Extend the Reach of your Wi-Fi network

New house, new wireless network, and of course, new scope problems!

Ofcourse, a Wi-Fi router which is compatible with the IEEE standard has a wifi range of 140 meters (outdoor), when the sky is clear and without wind.

Within house premises which is less than 35 meters. When the walls are paper made with only one floor i.e. height is low. Else is you get away from the router, just then your mobile phone shows a single network line, and all the movies on Netflix go to low resolution or is cut straight away, Spotify starts coughing, and such problems start occuring.

Besides this, there are other problems which can cause major headache like obstacle confrontation.

We’ve come up with best solution to this which is using a Linksys WiFi Router and Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender. We will help you configure your linksys range extender in this article.

Obstacle Confrontation

Obstacle Number 1: Understanding the transmission of data by means of microwaves (i.e., Wi-Fi) requires getting into a very, very large list of very, very dry topics.

Obstacle Number 2: Achieving a good connection throughout the house, especially with surfaces covered over 150 square meters and with more than one floor, requires overcoming the Obstacle Number 1. The best solution is to use linksys ac1200 wifi range extender, a most popular model range of linksys range extender.

But we have come out worse. We will leave aside the technical jargon (or a large part), jargon that can easily be found on the Web anyway like Linksys Router Login, and we will move chairs, dressers and routers, we will measure the signals and, promised, at least we will be able to have a signal acceptable in 80% of the house (and almost the entire garden).

But, first here is the bad news.

Bad news 1: The Wi-Fi signal not only weakens with distance, but also reduces bandwidth. It can fall as low as 2 megabits per second (Mbps); an average Internet plan is today at 10 Mbps.

Bad news 2: The bandwidth is shared. That is, if there is a Windows machine and two Android phones downloading updates, one of your children is watching videos on YouTube and your spouse went to see all the new season of her favorite show on Netflix, forget it. The 10 mega of your plan are shared among all those connected to the router. That’s why you also have to put a password to the Wi-Fi network. Apart from the fact that it is an elementary security standard, if a neighbor hangs on your Wi-Fi, it will also be participating in that limited pool of megabits per second.

Bad news 3: As per the instruction of extender.linksys.com Support, the less visible the routers and repeaters are, the worse their reach will be. In other words, Wi-Fi and decoration get horrible. It’s like cats with indoor plants. In Creole: it is not good to throw the router where least bother, plug the repeater into the only outlet that is free, back in the service room, between a washing machine and a freezer. That will not work.

Solution Time:

Instead of putting the router in the middle of the house, which seemed to make the most sense, I took it to my studio, on the first floor, at the north end of the house. That studio had a nice window that looked out onto the terrace. That is, twenty meters free for microwaves. In the middle of the house, near a dry yard, I located the Router. It worked. Instead of trying to get the signals to travel inside the house, I found a shortcut over the roof, and in this way we got a good signal even in the back garden (in the far south).

The signal came out that window, ran freely through the terrace, entered through the dry yard and reached with enough energy the repeater, a Linksys WRT54G to which I changed the operating system. We manage our router to connect to Linksys Extender and linksys router login for successful setup of your linksys ac1200 wifi range extender for enhancing the Wi-Fi Range.

The obstacle-free distances are our main allies. Although microwaves have their peculiarities, one can get an idea of ​​how a Wi-Fi router works by imagining it is a light bulb. Ideally, it would have to be hung from the ceiling in the middle of the living room, which is usually the largest and most crowded room. If it were a lamp, it would illuminate better from there than if we threw it behind the home theater (“because that is already a cable anyway”).

PACK UP: Line of sight, unimpeded distances, that’s the number one command to improve the reach of a wireless network.

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