How to Trust God During Difficult Times

How to Trust God During Difficult Times

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Have you been having a difficult time lately? Do you feel like you’re going through a season where nothing is going your way?

Whether you’re dealing with the loss of a family member, problems at work, or general feelings of “Blah”, trials and tribulations are a golden opportunity to trust God and strengthen your faith. 

Of course, saying “You should trust God.” is one thing. But walking the walk and experiencing spiritual growth in the face of tragedy? That’s another matter altogether. 

We’ve put together a list of three ways that you can grow spiritually while learning to trust God in the face of the unthinkable. Keep reading to find out more.

1- Stay in Prayer

If trusting God was easy, modern-day Doubting Thomases wouldn’t exist. But when you’re in the midst of a storm, sometimes prayer is the best way to strengthen your faith in God.

On a human level, chances are that you feel more secure and confident in your relationships when your partner or your friend is actively spending time with you. And believe it or not, your connection with God works the same way. If you’re worried about the problems that you’re facing in life, spending more time in prayer can give you the strength and confidence you need to get through each day. 

2- Reflect on the Positives

According to research, people remember negative events more vividly and accurately than they remember positive ones. So when issues keep piling up and you start to feel like you’re drowning, what can you do to keep your mind at ease? You can spend some time reflecting on the things you should be grateful for. 

Everyone has one or two moments in their lives that they can look back on and say, “Wow. I wouldn’t have survived that if it wasn’t for God’s grace.”. And once you’ve spent time reflecting on all the difficult circumstances that God has brought you through before, trusting God during your current troubles becomes a lot easier to do.

3- Get Spiritual Counsel

Sometimes the problem isn’t that you don’t have faith in God — it’s that you simply don’t know how to trust God. If that sounds a little too familiar, sharing your burden with an outside party can give you an emotional lift.

To that end, many believers have found pastoral counseling to be very helpful during hard times. If nothing else, you know that your pastor will keep things confidential while giving you biblically sound advice.

You Can Trust God Even When It Hurts

For many of us, life is as stressful as it’s ever been. 

Jobs are hard to find. The cost of living just keeps going up. And these days, the economy has more ups and downs than a roller coaster that’s stuck on repeat. 

When you trust God with your burdens, you don’t have to worry about what all of this uncertainty will bring. You can live your life to the fullest because you know that God will always be there for you.

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